Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday Scrapbook: Moments in time I want to preserve: Free-range Vacation on a Farm

I came across this almost two year old photo when I was sorting some pictures - and this is DEFINITELY a moment in time I want to preserve. Its from the first day of our 2009 vacation on the Kerndlerhof, and Dorian went wild within a couple of hours of getting there.

The Kerndlerhof is a great big Farm where families can take a vacation, play with the animals, be involved in some farm activities like feeding the animals or getting your own egg for breakfast, ride ponies and chill out under some trees while the kids have fun. Its a great way for those city kids to get a bit closer to nature and to let loose.

Dorian did this within a couple of hours. He got rid of all of his clothes, drank water from the hose, played with the bunnies - our job as parents was simply to feed him a couple of times a day and put him in the shower at night before bed - he was almost three years old and he didn't really need us. He drank some water when he was thirsty, asked Gaby the farmlady when he wanted to know something about the animals (and sometimes for a snack). We had a blanket in the shade of a tree where we played with Lilith, and while one of us took a nap, the other listened for cries for help or other alarming sounds. They never came :-)

And yes, I've cropped that picture. I didn't want to post a naked picture of my son,  not because I'm scared grown ups could look at it - because really, there is NOTHING SEXUAL about a little kid running around in his birthday suit - but because I'm not sure he could ever forgive me for this when hes sixteen and one of his friends discovers this picture...

Keep living,

PS: and while I do not pray for Japan, my thoughts go out to everyone who lives there.

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