Monday, 31 March 2008

Its a Spring Thing! (Freebie)

Hehe, I just noticed that there is a typo on the preview - I hope you're all able to live with it since the .psd file is already deleted...
Sorry, Girls (and guys!! - although I haven't seen any scrapping guys around, there are bound to be some...)

OK, my color challenge kit is done! here is the preview:

I love the colors this month, they have such a scrapbooky feel to it...
You can get this one on 4shared.
But this time, there is more! If you send me a LO that yopu did with my kit (as I said - e-mail veelana(at)chello(dot)at, comment, PM on DSO, Gaia, Menewsha..., Smoke signals), you will recieve the second part to this kit. and here is the preview:
(I know, same typo... *bangs head on keyboard*)

I really hope you enjoy my cration!
Special thanks to Shazbutt and Kim B. - I used some of their commercial use things!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Long time no see...

Hey to all of you out there reading this,

I have had such a busy time - sorry for not updating. Easter was nice - our little one was hunting for chocolate eggies in our living room (he actually found all five that where hidden for him), and in the afternoon, we met up with some of our family to hunt for some mor eggs outside. The weather was OK - coolish but no rain, so we actually had a nice time (piccies soon, I promise!)

right after easter my mom came over from germany and she's staying with us still - it's nice because she likes playing with her grandson, but still - having someone over for a week in a small appartment gets kinda stressy. This visit is MUCH better than the last ones, though...

I have a LO to share - I made this for the scraplift challenge on DSO, I used Kim B.'s lovely unda-da-sea kit. Leave a comment in my gallery?
I scraplifted shazzbuts "little miss grumpy bum" - LO for that challenge, and I'm quite pleased with the way it looks.

I have a freebie in the works - this time, it will work a little different. I REALLY want to see a LO done with my stuff, so this is how it will work.
I will post part one of my freebie on my blog (I's color challenge time on DSO, so there should be many people dling it), and I will give everyone a link to the second part that sends me a LO.

I don't care where you put it:
- put it up in your favourite gallery
- put it on photobucket (or something like that)
- e-nail it to me directly at veelana(at)chello(dot)at
- leave a link in the comments box,
- send me a PM on DSO, Menewsha or gaiaonline
- send smoke signals (OK, just kidding here...)

Its going to be a cute kit and there is a long time limit to this - I will at least leave it up until the end of the month.

See ya'll!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

happy early paddy's day!

I've been really busy - this is one HUGE freebie! I had to put it into two files because it got too big.

as always, please don't share the link to 4shared - send people to my blog instead. I love comments, btw :-)

Thursday, 13 March 2008

I refuse!

... to declare this blog dead. I'll update in a little bit (later today) with some pictures AND there's a st. paddy's day freebie comming up.
I aten't dead!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Yay! More challenges on DSO!!

I promised myself to make more than one LO for each challenge. And the first challenge I allways do is the color challenge.
Here are my 2 LOs:

And here's my Freebie for you! Please, do not share the link - send people to my blog instead! And if you want to leave a comment, please leave it here, not on 4shared :-)