Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Finally! I got something done!

There's a freebie for you today - I finally finished Kim B's color challenge on DSO and I've got a kit for you - I loved the colors this month :-)

In other news - we're going to visit my mom in germany in two weeks. This will be the first long drive with our new car, so we're pretty excited. We bought a Renault Modus in August and we're pretty happy with it so far - but this will be the big test. Its a 5 hour drive to Nürnberg where my Mom lives.
Also, on that weekend there will be a class reunion of my old school, so I'm pretty excited to show off my big belly there :-)

I'm almost done ith my 2009 calendar that I'm doing as a present for family and friends for christmas this year. With the baby due in the middle of december, I have to get my presents done very early this year!
If you're on a budget, a scrapbooked calendar is a pretty good, low clutter and fun to do present. I use www.foto.com to develope the calendar - I'm using a big calendar, but they start at 12 €. And I'm sure you can get them cheeper at other companies - they just have the format I want :-) You digitally scrapbook and they do the nasty work...
Its a great way to give friends and family some pictures to look at for the next year.
Consider scrapbooked presents this year - they are a nice alternative to bought presents, much more personal, fun to do and not too expensive.

So, after reading my little excursion into the world of christmas presents, here is you're well deserved reward:

Its on 4shared as usual - please do not share the link, send people here instead. I love comments, but I like them better here than on 4shared. Thank you loads!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Yes the Handyman can...

Uugh, we had no warm water over the weekend, because our heater was being checked on Friday, and the guy told us that we were lucky that it hadn't blown up...
So I was quite looking forward to having a new heater installed and having warm water again - do you know how EVIL dish washing is when you have no dishwasher and no warm water? I had to boil pots of water... Very 19th century :-D
Well, our heater was supposed to be replaced yesterday. Luckily, we're in a rented apartment, so it's our landlords duty to get us a new heater - would have been very expensive otherwise...
They show up, don't even greet me or my son, stomp through our apartment with dirty boots, mess up our bathroom, take HOURS to get finished...
And the end result is THIS!!

They hung it up too high, now we have a huge gap between heater and bathroom tiling, and our top tiling will not fit either.

A hole all the way through the wall into our "toilet room"

I'm not impressed at all! They left total chaos! But I have warm water again. Now, if only our shower wasn't broken...

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Hello there...

I am ashamed of myself, really!
I haven't scrapped over the summer, I haven't designed ANYTHING, I have not visited ANYONE'S Blog *hangs head and puts some ash on it*

Well, that said, I actually had a good reason (well, if there ever is such a thing as a good reason to neglect your friends...).
There is a lot that I have to get done before our new family member arrives! Yes, I'm pregnant again! ETA is December :-)

I've been playing around with some photo effects ;-) Here's what I came up with - its for the final round of Gaia's Next SimModel, if anyone remembers this. We were supposed to dress our Models "manly" and I went for a Marlene Dietrich look...I'll try not to neglect this part of my internet social life any further! And here is a cute pic of my son - we celebrated his second birthday in July :-)