Thursday, 28 January 2010

One World One Heart Giveaway

Hey there,
I only just heard about this fantastic thing - but I heard there was still time to join, so here I am with my part of the give away!

If you go here you can see all the other wonderful blogs that are participating! The event ends on february 15th, I will announce the winner on that day, too! To be eligible for the prize you just have to leave a comment. Nothing else required :-)
The winner will be determined using, but there will be some minor things that are not random.
Of course I would like you to follow my blog, facebookor twitter or visit my etsy store *pokes sidebar*, but you don't need to. I will add more prizes if there are a lot of comments - and check back on february 15th, if there are enough comments, I'll put a digital scrapbooking kit together for all of you!

So, what is there to win, you may ask?

You get this window star from my etsy shop. This beautiful window ornament catches the sun in its many folds! Each point is folded seperately with great care.

I use very fine tissue paper to make these stars because I can make more layers then with kite or wax paper. The star looks darker where it has more layers (= has been folded more often). It will brighten up any room. I will contact the winner of the give away - you get to pick the color of your prize to match your curtains/view or mood.

I will also give away some ACEOs to several people. This is not random - I will just pick comments that I like:-)

So comment away!


and the winner is...

And we have a winner!

comment nr. 12 was written by Vittoria! congratulations, Melissa will contact you soon!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Featuring my sweet etsy teammates - today: Yarrow1

Hello there,

I know it has been a while - I have been busy installing a screen for our new home cinema. Now only the video beamer has to arrive...

I also have been making new graphics for this blog, so look out for some changes around here :-) Anyway, it is time to continue with my series of features.

Featured Artisan today:

The name yarrow1 is from a healing herb. She grows herbs and uses them in things she does. In her shop you can find all kinds of things - browsing this shop is never boring!

Where do you sell the things you make?

How did you come to etsy?
I have been on etsy since July 2008. I was introduced to it by my daughter who is a wonderful jewelry artist and florist.

I am recovering from a stroke at this time and my art helped me recover. Worked at cutting and piecing a quilt top and stitching it by hand helped me with my coordination.

Are you on any etsy teams?
Teams: dailychallenge, teambdc, bbest, acetsy team (aceo).

Do you have a blog? can I follow you on twitter?
My Web site:
Twitter address…:

What is it you do?
I have done lots of different creative activities… working at an arts foundry, sculpting for a mold making company, painting small soldier figures and being involved in doing candles, soaps and lotions at another company.

I do what I am inspired to create. I am bored easily so I go from jewelry to painting, then to crochet. I just have fun doing what I like.

Can you describe your usual day for us?
I get up in the morning to coffee and then to computer. After it gets light I do chores feeding the chickens, ducks, cats, milk the goats. In the summer I also do the garden. Then I am ready to create.

Do you have any advice for other Artists and Artisans?
My advice for other artists is the sooner you start to create for yourself the better. Don’t listen to others that are jealous of your talents or the well meaning, telling you not to waste time with art, you could make more money doing “this” for your family. I think you and your family will do better if you are involved with something you really enjoy.

It will make you very sad in the long run not fulfilling your potential. I had a stroke of luck and became able to do what I want after long years of work. Hurray!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Featuring my sweet etsy teammates - today: RainyDayArt

Hello there,

I started fearturing my etsy friends with BeadFloraJewels' feature last week. I have another feature for you today, and todays artisan is giving away one of her products to a lucky reader!

Featured artisan today:

Melissa has been selling on etsy since january 2007. She has some amazing things in her shop, knitware, felted things, housewear, buttons...
She has such a wide variety of things, I'm sure there is something for you, too!

Sounds great! Where can I find your creations?

Can I follow you on facebook/twitter?

Absolutely! !
RainyDayArt on Facebook

What is it you're making and how did you get into it?

Fiber art is what I make the most. That includes knitting, spinning, felting, crochet, sewing.
I started knitting when I was in grade school. As I grew, I continued learning new techinques and still like to challenge myself with knitting more complex things. I became interested in spinning with the simple question of "Where do you get your yarn". I expected the answer of various nearby yarn stores, but the answer was "I spin my own".
And with that I wanted to learn how! This year I have taken the process closer to the fiber source with the addition of a drum carder! I might buy some fleece and wash it myself just to say that I did it, but I think I will be working with cleaned fibers for the most part.

I make pin back buttons, mirrors, and magnets; and make a lot with aviation charts. I enjoyed doing the few custom button orders I did.

Whats your best selling item?

Felted soap is one of my bigger selling items. I had knitted several soap socks and then had the idea of just felting the fiber around the soap instead of knitting the yarn, and the result got a much better lather from the soap. Now I'm taking that back a step and have made my own soap. I gave a lot of that batch away as Christmas gifts, and so don't have much of that left to list.
I also love ceramics, but don't have access to the equipment to do that very often.

Do you want to offer something to my blog readers?

Absolutely! The lucky winner will get his or her choice of a soap sock or magnet from my shop!

Want to win? Here is how.

Leave a comment here on the blog for each of the following things you do:
comment here for reading the post
become a fan of RainyDayArt on facebook (one comment) and post about the contest on facebook (another comment)
Follow RainyDayArt on twitter (one comment) and tweet about it (another comment)
HeartRainyDayArts shop on etsy snd comment here

you can leave a total of six comments here if you do all of the above. I will randomly pick a winner on january 26th and announce it here on the blog.

And here are some of my favourites:

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Just a short post today...

Hey there,

just wanted to let you know that StoneAccentStudios is back! Its all shiny (well, shabby :-)) and new. It is called Digital Scrapbooking Studio now and you can find it HERE. My digital scrapbooking kits are there for you to buy - if you're still looking to scrap your christmas picture, pick up "Jultid" in classical christmas colors! And check back here - pick up the coordinating freebies on my blog!

I have found time to paint again! I found some great pre-stretched canvas in triangle shape and made a collage of six panels in rainbow colors! Dorian loves it, I put it up in his room. Its very versatile, you can hang it up many different ways!

If you want one, visit my store on etsy, I can certainly make one for you!

I also have a new line of birthstone window gems - come on over and check it out!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Featuring my sweet etsy teammates - today: BeadFloraJewels

Hello there,

as you know by now, I have started selling things on etsy. And while I'm still struggling to get the hang of all this I found a bunch of very helpfull girls (and guy!) in the unofficial Bittersweet daily challenge team. To say thank you for all their support I have decided to feature them right here on my blog. Some of them even want to give my faithful blog readers a nice discount :-)

Featured artisan today:

Fen has an absolutely stunning array of beaded flowers in her shop! Some of the creations are quite excuisit and costly, but there are a lot of beautiful items for a smaller wallet, too. She has been making beaded flowers in the French technique since 2002.

Where do you sell your creations?

I sell them in my shop on etsy (, where I’m in a unofficial team with a group of artisans called Daily Sweets. We aim to create daily.

Can I follow you on facebook/twitter?

Sure! here is my fanpage:

and you can follow me on twitter here:
When did your fascination with beads begin?

I do remember going to my cousin's house when I was a little girl and on their wall was a simple beaded necklace. Pearls, possibly. I ran my fingers over each individual bead.
I started making friendship bracelets with floss in sixth grade. Later on, I incorporated beads into the designs. After awhile, I thought to myself, "Why not just make the whole bracelet out of beads."

An on again and off again relationship with beads developed. In college, it was ON. Instead of doing my statistics homework, I searched for beads on the internet and discovered French Beaded Flowers. I have been smitten since.

Most of the flowers I've made in the beginning were less than extraordinary. I was enamored with the art and kept beading. After so many years of beading, I'm finally satisfied with the quality of my work.

Check out Fen's shop! If you order from her, use the promo code "Vee" to get 20% off!

Some of my favourite items in Fens store:

Friday, 8 January 2010

Awesome newness for a great start!

Hey there,

I started doing project 365 last year and I actually did pretty well! I took pictures almost every day and I even scrapped them - but only until october... I still have about 10 weeks of 2009 to scrap, but that is not keeping me from starting fresh this year. Gina Marie Huff at Weeds and Wildflowers has a new series of SmartPages that I will use to scrap my project 365 this year. The first two LOs are already done. *pokes Slideshow*

The slideshow will stay up to date, so you can follow me and my family the next year. I changed one little thing - the journalling this year will be in german, not english. I love the way the 2009 album turned out, but the english journalling is a little bit annoying, especially when I want to show the album to my friends...

I will also limit myself to 10 pages per month. I want to be able to use up all the free 20 page photobooks I get at, and I plan on making additional 20 page books for special events. I plan on finally getting my babybooks done for Dorian and Lilith (20 pages each).

I already posted my buisness goals for 2010, and to help me with that, I have found an awesome group of people at etsy. The group is called "Bittersweet daily challenge" and the challenge is to add one item to your shop every day, or at least to create everyday. So far, I'm not doing great, but I'm sure I'll get better. This really is a challenge for me, so its not supposed to be easy, right?

I'm sure a sale would help to keep me motivated - want to be my first sale of 2010?

I'm thinking about changing my shop name, I'm not happy with Veelana's Designs because I will diversify this year (try to, at least). most stuff will be interior design/decoration related and very colorful, so I'm thinking about something along the lines of RainbowSomething.

There is one more goal I have, but it's not really a buisness goal, more of a personal plan. I want to reduce the amount of craft supplies I have at home. I will do this in a couple of steps:

1. look through all the stuff I have and decide what to do with it.

2. Make something everyday that uses supplies I already have. So there will be knitting, and a lot of crafting that involves paper...

3. Give away supplies that I'm not going to use

4. throw away what is broken

I already started by making Artist trading Cards and found out that I love drawing as much as I used to, so there will be a lot of hand drawn/painted stuff- Dorian made an ACEO, too - its a perfect size for him because it doesn't take too long. Soo much fun to see him draw/color!
Lilith is still "almost walking" like she has been for about a month now. Three steps and then she falls on her well padded butt...

If anyone wants to trade ACEOs/ATCs, I'm up for it! I'll post more Cards that I made in the next days.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy new year!

Happy new year to all my blog readers! The past year was a really exciting year with lots of things to keep me busy. Until August, I did really well with project 365, september saw me in the "Next SASy lady" challenge, and at the end of november I started my own etsy store.

I have no idea where the new year will take me. I have plans, but I know what always happens to plans :-)

My Buisness goals for 2010 are:
1. fill my shop! I want to have 50 listings in my shop by the end of 2010 (to be reviesed upwards if possible)

2. extend my product range! I have a couple of ideas, I want to diversify a little. I want to have four different (full) categories in my shop by the end of 2010

3. I want to have 2 of each item in the shop ready for shipping at all times

4. Advertise! I want to research places and ways to advertise my shop.

5. get my buisness license! I have to have a license for selling only if I make more than about 150$ a month. so that is my goal - by the end of 2010, I want to have it!

6. Sales! I want to reach 50 sales in 2010 (to be revised upwards)

7. Make a corner of our apartment MY creative space. I currently work on the living room table but I would love to have a place where I can leave my things unattended for a bit...