Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy new year!

Happy new year to all my blog readers! The past year was a really exciting year with lots of things to keep me busy. Until August, I did really well with project 365, september saw me in the "Next SASy lady" challenge, and at the end of november I started my own etsy store.

I have no idea where the new year will take me. I have plans, but I know what always happens to plans :-)

My Buisness goals for 2010 are:
1. fill my shop! I want to have 50 listings in my shop by the end of 2010 (to be reviesed upwards if possible)

2. extend my product range! I have a couple of ideas, I want to diversify a little. I want to have four different (full) categories in my shop by the end of 2010

3. I want to have 2 of each item in the shop ready for shipping at all times

4. Advertise! I want to research places and ways to advertise my shop.

5. get my buisness license! I have to have a license for selling only if I make more than about 150$ a month. so that is my goal - by the end of 2010, I want to have it!

6. Sales! I want to reach 50 sales in 2010 (to be revised upwards)

7. Make a corner of our apartment MY creative space. I currently work on the living room table but I would love to have a place where I can leave my things unattended for a bit...

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  1. Good luck on the business goals! I posted my sun catcher on Photoblog Wednesday in my blog a c0uple weeks ago and got a few nice comments about it. The sun catcher are gorgeous! Mine always makes me smile every time I look in the window whe0re it is. Iy even makes the snow look happy! :)

    Happy 2010, Vee!