Sunday, 15 January 2012

lets try this again...

Hello everyone,
i just realized that it has been almost two months since i posted something...
I started november so well with the daily posting and then it went down hill. We were very crafty this december (we have so many great handmade decoratons now!) and my son loved it. the holiday stress didn't catch up with me this year, but we got all the important stuff  anyway - cooki -es, presents, decorations - and we had fun doing this more relaxed approach.

I'll try to post some pictures at some point  because our tree was awesome again this year :-)

January has so far been nice - i have a custom doll order to work on and we have all kinds of stuff to organize. Mr. Turtles starts school in september and the whole application process starts in a week. Also, I'm trying to get organized in my home :-)