Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Long time no see...

Hey there,

I got so used to blogging somewhat regularly this year, it feels like I haven't written in an eternity. I haven't even told you that I'm available as a scrapper for hire now! In the days of digital photography everyone takes tons of pictures now (at least my EHD is almost bursting... how about yours?), but we don't look at them as much because well, a photoalbum on your lap is just so much nicer...

Here is my solution: digital scrapbooking! and once the pages are just the way you want them, you can have them printed as a photobook. There are many awesome designers of digital scrapbooking kits, just click on one of my fan blinkies to take a look :-)

I'm sure after having a look around you'll think this is a great idea - but do you have the time/resources or even wish to do it yourself? This is wher I come in. I offer a variety of scrapbooking pages in my etsy store for you to try out! if you like the LO (Layouts) that you get and wish to own a complete album we can arrange that easily! I can scrap your wedding/baby/pet/holiday/vacation pictures to give you a nice 20-40 page album that you can have printed.

You can look at the pictures in my shop to see some examples or you can have a look at my gallery at weeds and wildflowers. Everything will be made for you, I will not use ready made Layouts (also called quickpages). I might use templates for photo placement, but I usually make them myself...

so why don't you come over to my store? have a look around - maybe it's not the digital LOs that catch your eye, but there are many other things that you could love (and buy :-))

Hugs from sunny Vienna,
Lilith is really walking now! This is soo much fun to see - I'll post a picture soon!