Monday, 25 February 2008

Aw man, this has been one hell of a week.

After learning on thursday that I would be without a job starting next week, I learned on friday that one of my coworkers is a $%&/!. Not only does she continue to work there (wich she isn't allowed to because of our contract), but she also screamed and yelled at me when I talked to her about it. I would have simply warned her that what she was going to do is against our contract - but now that she turned out to be a moron, I told my boss about it.

I just discovered Shazbutt's amazing templates - and some of them hold - TA-DAAAAA - 7 pictures and are therefore perfect to use for project 365.
You can find her templates HERE

Here is my project 365 update - I had a busy week...

And here's a LO that I did - also one of her templates, embellished to my taste :-)

And here is what you came here for - the freebie. It's just a simple, glittery Doodle with upper case alphas, nothing fancy :-)

You can get it HERE.
Please do not share the link - I have no Idea how, but someone downloaded that file before I published the link here - If anyone has an idea as to how that happens, please tell me. BTW - I love your comments! I read all of them :-)

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Life comes at you fast...

I learned today that the gym that I work for is closing down their child care program for members - starting with the beginning of march.
I worked there as a childcare provider for the past 3+ years and now I'm out of work, and they didn't even bother to tell me befor now.
I know that this is nothing I did - it's not like they fired me, they simply don't think the programm pays off. Still, I'm bummed about it. It was a nice job because I was able to bring my son with me - and the money was good to have, too. This means that we're going to be on a tight budget until I find a new job and probably no vacation this year :-(

Sad as I may be, I am sure this will be a chance to start something new. Maybe this will be a chance to declutter my home, now that I have the time - maybe it will prove to be a chance for something completely different. I'll see - and I'll keep you updated :-)

Monday, 18 February 2008

Project 365

As promised - my first week of 365 pictures. Maybe I'll add some journalling to some future weeks :-)
I actually like the tempate I made :-)

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Freebie and stuff

Hey everyone,

this is going to be a pretty mixed post :-) If you're not interested in the rest of my post just scroll down to get the freebie.

I finished my next SimModel task (I was suposed to dress them up & take pictures of them for a Victorias Sectret style magazine) and here's what I came up with for one of the models:

I have decided to try project 365. I started already - I will try to upload my pictures every monday evening from now on. I'm going to make a template that I can just pop the pics in to make uploading easier. And I promise to take pictures of other things than my son, too *grins*

I just went through our pictures from the past 18 months - there are about 10 pictures without Dorian and a gazillion with him. Gotta change that...
Dorian is far too cute for his own good at the moment. He's starting to talk now - here's a recent pic of him :-)

I decided not to design a full kit for the moment (even though I have plenty of ideas), and just design a couple of different embellishments.
And finally, what you came for:
Some charming glass fairies for you - they are done in the same style as the ones that you may already have from my "Oooh..shiny" kit (scroll down to get it if you haven't dl it yet).

You can get this here - and please leave your comments here on my blog and not on 4shared. Don't hotlink to 4shared, please - send your friends here instead

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy V-Day!

Hope y'all have a nice Valentines Day ;-)

Here's my present for you - big freebie kit, hope you like...

You can get it here

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Lots of non-related news and a freebie

Hey everyone,

I've sent my application as a designer to a scrapbooking store and they think I'm not ready yet :-(
And while I'm a bit dissapointed, I'm pretty sure I'll get over it - it will certainly not stop me from designing (or trying somewhere else, for that matter). So, I would be absolutely grateful if you guys tell me what you like/don't like about my things so I can get better.

I was amazed to see that my february color challenge got downloaded over 650 times! I got more than 100 comments on it (yes, I read every single one) and while I truely apreciate them, I would rather have the comments on my blog than on 4shared.

I promised to tell you guy some more about me a while ago, so I'll have to do that - and now is as good a time as any.

I was born&raised in germany, but once I was done with school, I moved to Vienna in Austria to be with my bf (we had been together for four years already) and started college here.
I'm still going to college (its different here - I only do one or two lectures per week/per term while I work/ take care of my son.) I feel like I've been going to college all my live, but I love going...
My son Dorian is now 19 months old and a very active kid. He is soo sweet - and I've just got to take a break from designing and actually scrap some of his pictures...
My husband works as a software developer and in our free time we play board games, fantasy RPGs, computer games and we read a lot.

And this is what I've got for you - a little brag book, made from my Valentine's Day kit. And bexause I didn't get accepted, the whole kit will bw a freebie, too!

get it here - and please leave your comments on my blog, not 4shared. Thanks!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

My TOU - It needed to be done...

Thanks for downloading - I'm thrilled that people like my things. Please use my creations as much as you want - but please credit me and do not claim it as your own.

If you scrap for hire and want to use my kits/Freebies for it - go ahead, feel free to do it. Just credit me properly :)

Please don't create any immoral/illegal works with my things - I don't like it.

I create these kits with scrapbooking in mind, but feel free to use them for websites/blog LO if you want - e-mail me at or drop me a link at my blog I would love to see your creations! You are absolutely free to resize and/or recolor anything - just remember, its still my creation.

A big thank you to
for heavy use of their wonderful brushes!

These TOU are subject to change - if I ever start selling, I might have to.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Yay! I finished it! (freebie - again)

I've had this kit up for CC on DSO for a while and now I finally finished it. It came out OK, I simply had to re-do the whole thing :-)

The kit containes:

9 bg papers (structured and patterned)
3 Frames (2 glossy metal frames, one painted glass frame)
1 12'' chain,
1 short chain (for making charms)
2 metallic butterfly charms
2 metallic doodles
2 painted glass bows
2 painted glass embelishments

I hope you'll enjoy - get it here

I promise I'll make a blog post about me in the near future - honestly!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Color challenge on DSO

And I'm pretty pleased with the result :-)

feel free to give me some feedback on it, even (and especially) if there's something you don't like bout it.

You can get it here

Friday, 1 February 2008

Freebie time!!!

Yay! I finished my freebie for you! You can use it to scrap your superbowl-party pictures, so I'm just in time :-)

You can find it here. I would love to see someone use it for a LO - if you do, please e-mail me, I have a little surprise for you :-)