Sunday, 17 February 2008

Freebie and stuff

Hey everyone,

this is going to be a pretty mixed post :-) If you're not interested in the rest of my post just scroll down to get the freebie.

I finished my next SimModel task (I was suposed to dress them up & take pictures of them for a Victorias Sectret style magazine) and here's what I came up with for one of the models:

I have decided to try project 365. I started already - I will try to upload my pictures every monday evening from now on. I'm going to make a template that I can just pop the pics in to make uploading easier. And I promise to take pictures of other things than my son, too *grins*

I just went through our pictures from the past 18 months - there are about 10 pictures without Dorian and a gazillion with him. Gotta change that...
Dorian is far too cute for his own good at the moment. He's starting to talk now - here's a recent pic of him :-)

I decided not to design a full kit for the moment (even though I have plenty of ideas), and just design a couple of different embellishments.
And finally, what you came for:
Some charming glass fairies for you - they are done in the same style as the ones that you may already have from my "Oooh..shiny" kit (scroll down to get it if you haven't dl it yet).

You can get this here - and please leave your comments here on my blog and not on 4shared. Don't hotlink to 4shared, please - send your friends here instead


  1. Riding the DSO Blog train, your little one is CUTE!!

  2. Thanks so much all your designs are super!

  3. these are so, so cute!!! thanks!

  4. Toot toooting through-
    And your little one is toooo CUTE!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh thank you so much for theses. My daughter is just going to love them so much! She is crazy about fairies. Your little one is is so cute. Once again, thank you so much for sharing your time and talent.

  6. Chugging along on the DSO train. Great photo of your little guy. Hope you have a terrific day.

  7. He is adorable!
    I can't wait to see your project 365 photos. It is fun taking a photo a day

  8. My little granddaughters love fairies!
    Thank you for sharing - can't wait to try these on one of my layouts.