Monday, 31 August 2009

New kit in store, SAS-y Lady contest - and of course a freebie!

Hello there,

I finaly did it ad got a new kit into my store! I'm jumping on the general "back to school"- wagon every designer is on at the moment :-)
It is a bit different - not the usual bold and bright colors, you can use this for all kinds of Layouts. I made it with this girl in mind:

Her name is Lea, and she will start school next week. I wanted something soft and sweet for her. And because I have a son, I don't want to forget about the boys and so I made a second part to that collection.
She is the daughter of one of my best friends and I've known her since she was born. She's a wild one, believe me - you just can't tell in the picture. She's one of Dorians best friends.

So, without further ado, here's the collection:

The kit is on SALE until next wednesday, so its only $6.40 right now instead of $8.00. If you don't want to get the whole collection, you can buy the individual kits for $4.00 each right now

Each kit contains:
Upper case alpha,
20 papers and
35 elements, not all shown.
No drop shadows!
As all my scrapbooking supplies, this i

s S4H OK.

Berny from Scrapbird was so nice and used it in some LOs - take a look!

Can you believe this? Its her Great Grandson! How cool is that!

Now, lets get to the thing you're here for... The Freebie! Its a little add on to the kit:

You can get it HERE:

Feel free to share the link - just don't share the product :-D A little thank you goes a long way, btw - I love getting comments on my blog! If you help me promote my new kit, tell me about it, and I have a couple of QPs that I want to give to several people.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Finally I've done it! how do you like the new look of my blog? I did everything myself (except the ribbons, they are a Kim B designer resource) and it took about two days. I'm wayyy behind on my project 365 LOs and there's a lot of designing I have to do, but this was getting pushed back and back and back, so I decided to give it priority for once.

Now I'm off to celebrate my 32nd birthday!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Hello There,

Finally, its getting darker a bit earlier in the evening and my son is willing to sleep before 9pm, so I have a chande to focus on designing a bit more. I'm currently finishing up some small things to go into the store (photo masks, CU templates) and there's also a BIG kit comming up (or rather two matching kits with a lot of hybrid stuff...)

I decided to take part In the "Next SAS-y Lady" contest at Stone Accent Studios. It starts on september first and I can't wait to see how it goes and how far I get.

We spent a nice weekend with my mom in germany. There's a nice festival in nürnberg at the beginning of august that we attend every year. It is called the "Bardentreffen" and it basically is a bunch of not so well known musicians playing for free for a weekend. And a lot of street artists, jugglers, fire-eaters... We always enjoy doing it and this year was especially nice because there were so many awesome musicians playing in the streets. Also, one of our favourite musicians played on a stage. He is a very goofy, funny guy who "translates" famous songs into german, but with no regard for the original text. "Let it be" becomes a song about "Lady Di".

Dorian didn't come with us, he stayed home with my mom for his nap. :-)

And something awesome happened! I FINALLY got to play the bagpipes! That is something I always wanted to try and my mom knows someone who was willing to let me try to play his bagpipes (OK, that sounded wayy too dirty) and it actually was a great success! I won over his son and got some major browny points from my husband by playing the Star Wars tune from the top of my head after 10 minutes of practice!

That was soo much fun, we're going to visit them again the next time we come to Nürnberg. I love this instrument!

So, stay tuned for my new kit, freebies and contest news!

Keep Scrappin'