Wednesday, 25 March 2009

So many things, so little time...

I have so many things to share, I don't even know what to start with...

I'm still doing great with project 365, probably thanks to Gina at W&W designs. I scrap my week every sunday night - sadly, I'm not doing as well with updating my blog. Maybe someone should offer an incentive for that...
I made a cute LO of our friends - Anja has been my friend for years and our kids are pretty close. I used Gina Marie Huffs "Delightful collection" for this - love that kit!

We're currently planning our summer vacation. We will probably spend a week at an austrian farm - farm holidays are supposed to be a lot of fun with little kids. And since Dorian loves animals a lot and they have kids of their own there - sounds like a match...
I've already found a farm and I'm going to check if they are free at the time we want to come. Looks like my mom will join us there :-D

Almost all of our weekends are filled with things to do until may - we originally planed to spend a weekend at a farm to see how we like it...

I have recently discovere and had my handwriting made into a font. I like the way it came out, so I'm sharing it. Feel free to use this any way you want, if you want to use it commercially, just tell me - I'll most probably grant you permission to do so :-) If you use it in a scrapbooking kit, I'd like a copy for personal use - and if you make a freebie with it, please tell me about it, so I can go check it out.

You can dl it here:

I'm working on a new kit - here's a little sneak preview of things to come. It'll be pretty big, but I will make it so that you can collect it in parts if you dont want all of it...
I might make it into an easter egg hunt if I can figure out the logistics behind it...
Does anyone have any ideas? I'd apretiate any tips...

I also got some blog awards that I have to share...

Nani gave me this award.

It’s presented as a sincere thank you for awards and nice comments. It doesn’t have to be passed on today or ever, but it can be. Very cool sentiment!

Thank you, Nani! You would totally deserve that award from me, but you already have it...

I'm giving this to
Edna, for presenting me with an award,
Kim B, for encouraging me to design - not only with her color challenge on DSO, but also with countless PMs and comments. Thank you!!
GSCreations, for always commenting back! You're sweet!

The next award comes from Edna
1 - Pass it on to 10 other deserving bloggers.
2 - Link back to the blogger who gave you the award.
3 - Link to the bloggers you passed it on to, and leave them a message on their blog.

Thia award goes to:
Nani, because you totally rock!
GSCreations, you made a great start as a designer!
JanMary, for sticking with project 365
, for being caught up and for being generally very helpful nachtstern, love your pictures!
Gina Marie, because without you, I would have stopped project 365 weeks ago
Tee, for sharing your photoshop knowledge with everyone
Terebene, for being cought up with her LOs
: also caught up
Sugar&Spice: for being caught up.
Now I only have to tell them all that there are awards waiting for them here...

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Blond moment resulting in a tutorial...

Doing my current project 365 LO I was in such a hurry that I forgot to delete the layer that should be invisible from the template...
Normally that wouldn't be so bad because I'd still have the .psd files and just save the .jpg over the old one, but I didn't save my chnges in the .psd - I thought I was done.
Luckily I didn't delete the old saved version yet...
So, if this ever happenes to you, this is what you can do:

See? Thats the LO I'm trying to save. ugly guide lines everywhere...

Here is the version I saved on friday - still missing the weekend pictures and all of the journalling. I didn't want to re-do the things I was still missing...

So I seved the .psd file as a .jpg and zoomed in on both documents to 200%, focusing on the left corner.

With the clone stamp selected I "Alt+clicked" on a spot on the left document that I would be able to recreate on the right document (where paper and stitches meet), and then clicked on the exact same spot on the document I want to change. After that, it's easy.

Just use the stamp like a brush - the clone stamp will copy your motion on the other picture and paint whatever is on that pic onto the one you're painting on.

Done! thank you, clone stamp! Now , if you always check your files before saving, you will not need this - but it might come in handy sometime, who knows?

Have fun playing with this!

Monday, 2 March 2009

365 Layouts and another freebie for you!

So, my mom was here for a week an now I have tons of new pictures to scrap :-)
We had a pretty low stress visit - it's not always this way, but we enjoyed her stay with us.
So, here are my Layouts - week 8:

and week 9 - very much going on in the past two weeks...

I did my color challenge freebie a bit earlier this month - a lot earlier, that is. I love designing and I was so bummed last month that I didn't have a lot of time to do something...
I'm happy with this kit :-)
Its pretty big, there's an uppercase alpha in there and I only put some of the elements in the preview , there was way too much!
So, here we go :

You can get it here - please leave your comments on my blog, not 4shared. Let me know what you think! I'd love to se ome LO - leave me a link in the comments section!