Wednesday, 30 September 2009


10 more minutes until the poll closes for the contest! I'm chewing my nails off here! No, really . I have cold hands and full of adrenalin here!

Bandwidth Exceeded - thank you!

This is the first time EVER that I managed this! *LOL* thank you all for visiting my blog and looking at my pictures!

The pictures will be back on october 5th, and my blog will be pretty again!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Good Morning Sunshine!

I'm back after a very short night - Dorian woke me around 6:30, so I got less than two hours of sleep :-)

I apologize for the slightly weird post last night, I was in a weird mood ^_^
Anyway, I promised you some QPs, and they are done and uploaded. I use mediafire and not 4shared this time - this is not advertisement as much as a thank you. If the search engines pick me up, fine with me - but they usually don't if I use something other than 4shared.

I hope you like my little present. I had so much fun doing the SAS contest, I'd do it again anytime! (and probably will, next year)

Time for the last upload... the SAS contest gallery!

My kit is finally done (It's almost 4 am. here) and I'm happy - I'm glad that time was short, I had so much more I wanted to do, this kit would have become undownloadable (is that even a word?)

Anyway, here I am now, getting really tired, waiting for my files to upload to mediafire. Even at the break neck speed the site is currently working for me, It's going to take at least 27 minutes...
I decided to go for doodles again - it looked to me like everyone loved them and it's different from what the other girls are doing - or at least from what the other girls did in the past rounds. And being different and standing out from the crowd is usually a good thing - I want to be noticed...

It's supposed to be a pretty unisex kit - I love scrapping both my kids with the same stuff!And since the upload is still going to take a while, I'm going to make some LOs with it *wanders off*

*Comes back to take a look at her uploads - five more minutes...*

I made two LO/QPs in the meantime, but I will only upload them tomorrow - Its too late now, I want to katch a little bit of sleep before the kids wake me up...


I just realized that I forgot to make a close up preview!

*wanders off again*

OK, Upload done, everything posted to the gallery - you can snag the kit here:

Good night!

Friday, 25 September 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks to all of your votes I made it to the final round in the SAS-y lady contest. You can still pick up all the past freebies in my gallery on Stone Accent Studios until the end of September.

I enjoyed this competition immensely and I would do it again in a heartbeat - even if it really is a lot of work. The final round will be judged by the SAS designers, but there will still be a Freebie for you to snag here on this blog - probably not as many as last round, But I won't forget, promise!

I will be gone over the weekend, we're going to be at the farm we spent our vacation at for some rest and relaxation - Like I can relax NOW!! *LOL* I just never thought I'd make it this far...
I will take my laptop with me, maybe I can do some designing there, the kids will be busy - Dorian was running wild there in summer :-)

I have a special offer for you! If I catch you wearing my blinkie in the SAS forum, you'll get a special something once the competition is over. If you have a blog, I'm always open to blinky exchanges!

and here it is:

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Freebie and Last chance to vote!

Just a quick post before I put Lilith down for her nap. You can still vote for me, voting is open until tomorrow! and I just lost my lead to maurine! you can still grab my kit here:

and I have a paper pack for you that matches my kit! make sure to grab the other freebies that go with the mini, just scroll down a couple of posts!

patterened paper:

solid paper:

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Freebie Mamia! I need your vote!

Voting is open on SAS for round three! And to celebrate the occasion (and because I wantr the added traffic from the freebie search engines :-D) there is another freebie for you - or better, two!

Thei both are add ons to the main kit, one is an alpha and the other some more doodly elements - and if you want to see my designs on Stone Accent Studios, please VOTE for me!

get them HERE:

vowels are multi colored

The snake frame is per request from my husband :-)

Tomorrow I have a paperpack for you! I just love doing papers!

I'm so excited! I keep refreshing the Voting Page every couple of seconds...

Voting is up!

You can vote here:

Freebie Time!

Hey, you have been warned - I loved the colors for the SASy contest round three! The stuff that I'm going to givge away here is by far more than my mini kit in the gallery - but you go get it HERE, I love the way it came out!

Over the next days I will give away a lot of stuff that goes with this kit - more paper, more frames, an alpha and a set of four quickpages

I'll start the Freebie mania with my set of Quick pages:

I absolutely enjoyed scrapping with this - and if you read my blog you may know that thiws doesn't happen so often. Maybe that means I'm getting better as a designer? Anyway, you can pick up the QPs here:

Don't forget to go to Stone Accent Studios (If you haven't already, please register there - its a fun place to hang out!), the birthday bash is far from over!

Voting is open!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

A little Jawa called Dorian, my new computer and my round three mini kit is done!

OK, everyone, grab a cup of coffee or maybe some lemonade - this is going to be a longish post.

We had a Star Wars event at our cinema for the "Fanboys" Premiere on thursday, and Dorian got a last minute costume as a Jawa - I used a brown sweater and two belts - came out all right, but any costume will look cute on a kid! He ran around shooting Stormtroopers, yelling "Utinni"all the time (for whom it may concern - jawas are little desert creatures from star wars that capture robots an yell "utinni"). Everyone loved him and he got to pick the winning tickets for the cinema ticket lottery - not us, though :-(

One of the Stormtroopers put his Helmet on Dorians head, and that made him look like a lego character! He loves playing Lego Star Wars on the computer, and in one level, you have to dress up your character like a Stormie...

My husband got a new computer at his office and he had the chance to buy his "old" computer. Now I have it - so much quicker than my notebook - I love working with it! And so I had a ball playing with it! I finished my round Three kit and absolutely loved working with the colors this time! Everything had to be made by me, no use of CU items allowed!

The kit contains:

3 different papers - the structure comes from pieces of fabric I took pictures of
1 Doodle frame
1 bunch of scattered, translucent leaves
1 chalked doodle
1 clustered stem with doodled leaves
1 journal pad
1 page border with doodle leaves

The only things I used was one standard pattern (comes with photoshop) and one standard leaf brush that comes also with photoshop. I made so many things that didn't make it into the mini kit, there will be plenty free things to download here soon!

You can go take a look at my kit in the SAS gallery, and thats also where you can find the download link.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Round three, here I come!

Thank you all for voting for me, I made it into round three! Can't wait to see what comes next - my new computer and PS4 are ready to go!

There was a lot of stunning stuff in the gallery and I'm proud of being part of this awesome group of designers! I'll keep my eyes open for your designs - if you want to do a blinkie exchange, I'm working on mine and you should be able to snag it soon :-)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Voting is up and a Freebie for you!

Hello there,

I'm blogging quite often during the contest - lets hope I keep it up afterwards :-)

I really liked creating felt elements, so I made another one for you - and more paper! I just enjoy creating paper..

It matches my Round Two Kit for the contest. You can still pick it up in the SAS gallery. This is what it looks like:

Also, if you have a vote to spare, please vote for my kit in round two!

And this is probably what you came here for:

and it is here:

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Voting for round two is up - if you can spare a vote, can I have it? :-D

You can go pick up my roud two kit in the SAS gallery!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Round two, here I come!

I know I'm late with this post, but thanks to all of your help I made it to round 2 of the SAS-y Lady contest! And here is the kit for round two:

you can get it in the stone accent studio gallery here:

And don't forget to register at the forum - voting will start soon and I will need every vote I can get this round!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Color Challenge Time and A Freebie!

Hey there,
Yesterday was Dorians first Day of Kindergarden and he enjoys going very much so far. His teacher is really sweet and nice!

I need your vote!! I'm in the next SAS-y lady contest on Stone accent studios, and people are telling their friends and family to vote for them - and I don't want to do that! I don't mind asking other scrappers to register there and vote because it's a fun place to be, but I don't want to tell my husband or my mom just to register there just for voting. I will probably do it if it's necessary...

This is what my kit looks like:

You can grab this kit on the SAS gallery and vote for this kit HERE.

And don't forget to pick up my new collection on ScrapBird

And here is what you all came for - my color challenge freebie! I loved working with the colors this month, but didn't have a lot of tim to do so, sadly. Maybe I'll do an Add on? Don't know yet...

And here is a closeup at 100%:

You can get the Kit HERE - and don't forget to vote for "Stones Rock!"

Sunday, 6 September 2009

You can vote for me now at the next SAS-y Lady contest! Please head on over there and vote - you have three votes, if you like my kit, give one of the votes to me!

Vote here! Remember, my Kit is called "Stones Rock" and is the 11th on the list!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Next SAS-y Lady contest - round one is here! and a Freebie for you!

Finally! With the deadline for the first round aproaching fast, I finished my Minikit! It's called "Stones Rock" - not the most clever play with words, but the best I could come up with at 2am.
I had such a hard time with the colors! But once I'd decided on a theme, I ouldn't stop designing, so you'll get some freebies!

My minikit looks like this:

and here's a closeup:

You can get this kit at the Stone Accent Studio gallery - please leave me a comment there! And don't forget to vote for me! Voting will be open on thursday morning.

I created a quickpage for you with this mini (and I loved working with it...)

that you can download here: