Friday, 8 January 2010

Awesome newness for a great start!

Hey there,

I started doing project 365 last year and I actually did pretty well! I took pictures almost every day and I even scrapped them - but only until october... I still have about 10 weeks of 2009 to scrap, but that is not keeping me from starting fresh this year. Gina Marie Huff at Weeds and Wildflowers has a new series of SmartPages that I will use to scrap my project 365 this year. The first two LOs are already done. *pokes Slideshow*

The slideshow will stay up to date, so you can follow me and my family the next year. I changed one little thing - the journalling this year will be in german, not english. I love the way the 2009 album turned out, but the english journalling is a little bit annoying, especially when I want to show the album to my friends...

I will also limit myself to 10 pages per month. I want to be able to use up all the free 20 page photobooks I get at, and I plan on making additional 20 page books for special events. I plan on finally getting my babybooks done for Dorian and Lilith (20 pages each).

I already posted my buisness goals for 2010, and to help me with that, I have found an awesome group of people at etsy. The group is called "Bittersweet daily challenge" and the challenge is to add one item to your shop every day, or at least to create everyday. So far, I'm not doing great, but I'm sure I'll get better. This really is a challenge for me, so its not supposed to be easy, right?

I'm sure a sale would help to keep me motivated - want to be my first sale of 2010?

I'm thinking about changing my shop name, I'm not happy with Veelana's Designs because I will diversify this year (try to, at least). most stuff will be interior design/decoration related and very colorful, so I'm thinking about something along the lines of RainbowSomething.

There is one more goal I have, but it's not really a buisness goal, more of a personal plan. I want to reduce the amount of craft supplies I have at home. I will do this in a couple of steps:

1. look through all the stuff I have and decide what to do with it.

2. Make something everyday that uses supplies I already have. So there will be knitting, and a lot of crafting that involves paper...

3. Give away supplies that I'm not going to use

4. throw away what is broken

I already started by making Artist trading Cards and found out that I love drawing as much as I used to, so there will be a lot of hand drawn/painted stuff- Dorian made an ACEO, too - its a perfect size for him because it doesn't take too long. Soo much fun to see him draw/color!
Lilith is still "almost walking" like she has been for about a month now. Three steps and then she falls on her well padded butt...

If anyone wants to trade ACEOs/ATCs, I'm up for it! I'll post more Cards that I made in the next days.

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