Monday, 11 January 2010

Featuring my sweet etsy teammates - today: BeadFloraJewels

Hello there,

as you know by now, I have started selling things on etsy. And while I'm still struggling to get the hang of all this I found a bunch of very helpfull girls (and guy!) in the unofficial Bittersweet daily challenge team. To say thank you for all their support I have decided to feature them right here on my blog. Some of them even want to give my faithful blog readers a nice discount :-)

Featured artisan today:

Fen has an absolutely stunning array of beaded flowers in her shop! Some of the creations are quite excuisit and costly, but there are a lot of beautiful items for a smaller wallet, too. She has been making beaded flowers in the French technique since 2002.

Where do you sell your creations?

I sell them in my shop on etsy (, where I’m in a unofficial team with a group of artisans called Daily Sweets. We aim to create daily.

Can I follow you on facebook/twitter?

Sure! here is my fanpage:

and you can follow me on twitter here:
When did your fascination with beads begin?

I do remember going to my cousin's house when I was a little girl and on their wall was a simple beaded necklace. Pearls, possibly. I ran my fingers over each individual bead.
I started making friendship bracelets with floss in sixth grade. Later on, I incorporated beads into the designs. After awhile, I thought to myself, "Why not just make the whole bracelet out of beads."

An on again and off again relationship with beads developed. In college, it was ON. Instead of doing my statistics homework, I searched for beads on the internet and discovered French Beaded Flowers. I have been smitten since.

Most of the flowers I've made in the beginning were less than extraordinary. I was enamored with the art and kept beading. After so many years of beading, I'm finally satisfied with the quality of my work.

Check out Fen's shop! If you order from her, use the promo code "Vee" to get 20% off!

Some of my favourite items in Fens store:


  1. Wow those flowers are amazing...everyone should check out her's fantastic. She is a very creative person

  2. I have a pot of her flowers and they are truly a work of art! Love her work!

  3. Thanks for lovely feature. Love your blog!

  4. Lovely feature and a lovely shop too. ;)

  5. The flowers are amazing! Very nice feature :)

  6. Very pretty. There is so much detail in the petals.