Sunday, 24 January 2010

Featuring my sweet etsy teammates - today: Yarrow1

Hello there,

I know it has been a while - I have been busy installing a screen for our new home cinema. Now only the video beamer has to arrive...

I also have been making new graphics for this blog, so look out for some changes around here :-) Anyway, it is time to continue with my series of features.

Featured Artisan today:

The name yarrow1 is from a healing herb. She grows herbs and uses them in things she does. In her shop you can find all kinds of things - browsing this shop is never boring!

Where do you sell the things you make?

How did you come to etsy?
I have been on etsy since July 2008. I was introduced to it by my daughter who is a wonderful jewelry artist and florist.

I am recovering from a stroke at this time and my art helped me recover. Worked at cutting and piecing a quilt top and stitching it by hand helped me with my coordination.

Are you on any etsy teams?
Teams: dailychallenge, teambdc, bbest, acetsy team (aceo).

Do you have a blog? can I follow you on twitter?
My Web site:
Twitter address…:

What is it you do?
I have done lots of different creative activities… working at an arts foundry, sculpting for a mold making company, painting small soldier figures and being involved in doing candles, soaps and lotions at another company.

I do what I am inspired to create. I am bored easily so I go from jewelry to painting, then to crochet. I just have fun doing what I like.

Can you describe your usual day for us?
I get up in the morning to coffee and then to computer. After it gets light I do chores feeding the chickens, ducks, cats, milk the goats. In the summer I also do the garden. Then I am ready to create.

Do you have any advice for other Artists and Artisans?
My advice for other artists is the sooner you start to create for yourself the better. Don’t listen to others that are jealous of your talents or the well meaning, telling you not to waste time with art, you could make more money doing “this” for your family. I think you and your family will do better if you are involved with something you really enjoy.

It will make you very sad in the long run not fulfilling your potential. I had a stroke of luck and became able to do what I want after long years of work. Hurray!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

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  1. Wow, Yarrow is more of a powerhouse than I thought- and I already thought she was awesome! It's those gourds, can't get enough o' that gourd art...