Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Hello there...

I am ashamed of myself, really!
I haven't scrapped over the summer, I haven't designed ANYTHING, I have not visited ANYONE'S Blog *hangs head and puts some ash on it*

Well, that said, I actually had a good reason (well, if there ever is such a thing as a good reason to neglect your friends...).
There is a lot that I have to get done before our new family member arrives! Yes, I'm pregnant again! ETA is December :-)

I've been playing around with some photo effects ;-) Here's what I came up with - its for the final round of Gaia's Next SimModel, if anyone remembers this. We were supposed to dress our Models "manly" and I went for a Marlene Dietrich look...I'll try not to neglect this part of my internet social life any further! And here is a cute pic of my son - we celebrated his second birthday in July :-)


  1. Hi Veelana! Stopping by on the DSO train. Those are some very cool photo effects.

  2. Welcome back, Vee!!! I'm so glad to see your blog on the top of my blog reader again! :D

    Ad congratulations again on the coming new little attraction!!