Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Stress free Holiday preparation - a dream come true!

You haven't missed last weeks installment, I have! I'm really sorry - I promise to get back on track NOW :-)
This weeks post will focus on Kids and teens, who are fairly easy to shop for. Last week has all about the guys - you can go back and read it here: Stressless Holidays, part II

Hello there,
things have been crazy busy here with making my husbands present, preparing for our vacation and organizing a Halloween party for some preschoolers. Now that Halloween is over, I hope I'll manage to get back on track with creating for my etsy store (some window stars - its the perfect season!) and especially with blogging.
This week focuses on something fairly easy - shopping for kids!

Chocolate Frosted Donut

Step Three: Do this  NOW!

wrapping supplies
Go and take a look at the wrapping paper, gift tags and bows you have. Do you need any more? No need to get out and buy some now, but take a look at your supplies and make a note of what you can pick up on your next shopping trip.

Mark the kids on your list

If the kids on your list are your own, you probably already have a very good idea of what they want. My advice for Kids presents - decide on one (or two - depends on your budget, too, of course!) bigger thing(s) that they'll get.

If you need more packages under the tree, use small and inexpensive things to add to the count. Here are my favourites:

crocheted Brown Bear

  • age appropriate craft supplies: Crayons and large paper, stickers, acrylic paint, stretched canvas (fairly cheap and makes a BIG Present) fabric paint...
  • Cute socks (with separated toes, maybe), T-shirts
  • Gift certificates for you TIME: Dinner and a movie with your teenager, shopping trip, Vouchers for favourite meals, I'm sure you can think of more things :-)
  • Books are always good! Picture books for toddlers, chewable books for babies, novels for young readers
  • Accessories for Dolls! Bed, clothing,a mini quilt - there is so much awesome stuff out there!

If the kids are NOT your own, please talk to the parents! I know there are some things I do not want people to give my kids and it helps to avoid needlessly spent money :-)

Extra credit:
Are you crafting anything for the holidays?
If you want to give handmade (by yourself) this year, you have probably started already. If it is at all possible, finish something this week and wrap it - even if it is something very small, just so you can see some progress

On the Go Crayon Roll
by ItsMyFavorite

What if...
there are no kids on your list?
take a look at your list again and write down what you want to get the person if you already know. Is there stuff you can finish this week? Do it! Wrap it up, put a name tag on it and put it in a place where you can find it again.

I know this is the hardest part for some people - it helps to realize that less presents mean less stuff to put away for your kids and that they appreciate their gifts more if there are less of them. That said - I tend to go overboard, too ;-)

Whats next?
Custom Waldorf style doll
next week we will do the (in my opinion) easiest group - girls on your list! Fun to shop for, easy to create for and you probably already have a decent idea what you could get them.

Did you know?
Waldorf Dolls make great gifts! There are so many makers of Waldorf dolls out there that make so many different dolls - I'm sure you'll find one to suit you and your kids! If you want a custom doll, NOW is the  time to order! It takes time to make a doll, but it can still be done!

Keep creating,

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