Monday, 1 June 2009

long time no see...

hey there,
somehow the days since mothers day passed without an update, sorry! At first, I was really busy with the new store - and after only two weeks in buisness, the whole thing crashed. I'm not sure Nicole wants to start over, but we'll see. If she doesn't I might look for a different stor to sell stuff in, but I'm not sure.
I made so much nice stuff for the store, I will probably have to give it away if I don't find a different store...
I might start thinking about different ways of making some money off this - a donation button, e-bay, not sure...
just rambling :-)
Anyway, Dorian is the cutest big brother you can imagine. Lilith babbles a LOT and my husband and I just had our third wedding aniversary - and we BOTH nearly forgot it. Well, the 14 years together anniversary is in summer and far more important. I'm still doing project 365 and very proud of myself. Couldn't have done it without Gina from Weeds and Wildflowers and her hodge podge goodies that you get for sticking to 365 every other week.

keep scrappin'
Vee *yawn*


  1. What about an etsy store????????
    There ya go!

  2. Well, Happy Anniversary, Vee! :) I know what you mean about the other anniversary being the big one, though. David and I will have been married a year on December 23, but we just celebrated our Dativersary on May 2. Four years! We'll probably always acknowledge that one!

    Why not check out Scrap Bird for a possible store to sell at? We've added some new designers there and I think there's still a designer call out. I'm so happy that I'm starting to see people in the store all the time. It used to be when I was there the number of visitors would say there was one person there, now it's usually at least 6 or 7, usually more and I saw a great raise in my sales for May! (And I'd LOVE to work in the same store!!) :D

  3. Hi!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Sorry bit late but happy happy anyway:) Hope you come right with your store, hang in there, here's wishing you a good sleep and a bright day tomorrow:)