Saturday, 12 December 2009

Day twelve freebie

Hello there,
hope you like my advent calendar so far! Here is the next day! Made with my "Jultid" kit, Available HERE! Its a nice kit in classical christmas colors, but the added grey gives it a certain eccentric elegance.
And while I'm on subject of self promotion, please visit my etsy store! You know you want to look at pretty pictures of suncatchers, right?

I'm sure you came here for the advent calendar, so lets open the little parcel to see what you get today - a Quickpage!

Please don't share the link, send your friends to my blog, please - its a freebie, but I love comments!
get it here


  1. Hi Veelana,

    You have linked to the image, not to the download. Oh and I'm sending you soon an layout with your cute kit, and more... Was today at the christmas market.. Now I have the right photos for it


  2. Love your art work and love the Advent Calendar but is one is linked to the image. It's very pretty and as soon as it is fixed I want to use it in my christmas book. thank you for your art very pretty.

  3. Link doesn't work - brings up preview. Thanks.

  4. It's all fixed and its beautiful thank you so much for this piece.