Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day four - Strawberry fields forever

The morning was very, very wet, but the rain didn't keep us away from the animals. We fed the cows and the chicken, played with Maxi the goat and discovered that some of the chilli plants in the greenhouse have small chillis on them already.

We wanted to look at some street parties by local volunteer fire departments, but they were not what we expected.
We know them as teeny tiny parties that go on all day, have some stuff for kids to do, let you look inside a fire truck or handle the big hose... this wasn't anything like it - they only started in the evening with booze and music...

So we went to a huge bakery instead where they let you bake your own roll, let you look into the factory and give you some free samples. The kids whre at the kids bakery and got to bake some stuff, too. After the tour was finished, i went to the nearby strawberry field to pick our own strawberries. I picked almost 3kg - thats six pounds!

We had dinner at 'altes presshaus' where we where a bit surprised by the food - we expected rustic and got fine dining - but it was really, really good.
See ya

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