Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Day seven - a day at the farm

Since this was a pretty typical day at the farm up until the point when we got a visitor, i thought I'd tell you how our days went by.
The kids wake up around seven and get dressed for breakfast while my husband and i still sleep...no wait, that was a commercial... so, the kids wake up around seven and then shout at us until we get up, need help finding their socks etc.
We have breakfast with veggies from the greenhouse,  cheese and homemade jam and feed the leftover cucumber to Maxi the goat afterwards.  We get some food for the animals (dandilion leaves, mostly) and feed the bunnies, guinea pigs, ponies and goats. We usually take some animals outside, a couple of baby bunnies and the goats, perhaps.
The kids play at the playgroung while my husband and i laze around for a bit, maybe on one of the swings. At some point, one of us will go and get our guitars down so we can practise, Mr. Noodles will ride around on a bike for a while and both kids will help the farmer get the food for the cows.
We spent most of the day like this - helping a little, playing more. I highly recommend it :-)
A friend drove down from vienna today to play Dominion with us - we had a great time.

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