Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Baby pictures - a comparison and an some scrappy stuff

I'm doing fine with project 365 so far and I'm amazed that I'm still at it - I really hope it will stay that way for a while. Gina Marie over at Weeds&Wildflowers is doing her best to help all of us - ste gives out wonderful incentives for those of us who stay up to date...

We visited a games convention this weekend. From Friday noon to Sunday evening we played boardgames and even some RPG - Chtulu and DSA. I haven't had the chance to play an RPG in a while and Christian always has to be the screen monkey (for those who don't play RPGs - the screen monkey is the game master/ dungeon master), so he was excited to play a character again. Our Dungeon Master was awesome and the adventure was exactly matched to our characters, so it was a lot of fun :-)

Dorian was the cutest kid imaginable. He played a couple of games with us and he got really excited when we had our roleplaying adventure. He ran around yelling "temfen, temfen!" (his way of pronouncing "Kämpfen", the german word for "fighting") and listened to the story we where telling. Everybody there loved him and fed him junkfood - LOL. I'm not entirely happy with that, but it was only a weekend. I'll just make sure to fill him with fruits and veg the rest of the week...

We played a couple of board games, too. I saw a couple of new ones and played some old favourites... Currently we love playing Dominion, Galaxy Truckers, Race for the Galaxy and Battlestar Galactica (can you tell that we are sci-fi nerds?)

All the proceeds af the convention go to a childrens cancer hospital and reasearch center.
I was absolutely amazed by the effort that the organisation put into that weekend. There where about 60 people and the Grandparents of one of the girls in the organisation team cooked Lunch and Dinner for all of us, They offered back and neck massages (by a professional masseur) if you donated some money, they did all the cleanig...

I would have liked to have a small duty assigned (taking out trash regularly, washing dishes or something) so they would get to play some games, too, but they did everything themselves and didn't accept any help.
The Location was cool, too - we played in a church. The church offered the location for free to help with the convetion and to raise more money for cancer research.

And now for something completely different. I recently took a photograph of Lilith that copies a picture I did when Dorian was her age. I scrapped it for my "Project 365" and here's the result :-)

And some scrappy things, too - Kim B has her new commercial use grab bag out -and don't forget to take part in her color challenge at DSO!

There's a fantastic posting bonus if you take part!

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  1. I love those comparison photos! I did something like that with my nieces kindergarten pictures and mine and my brother's. :)

    You have a set of awards on my blog! :)


    Happy Valentines Day!