Sunday, 16 May 2010

The doll no little girl can resist!

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glad you found your way here :-)
We had a "rest and relaxation" weekend here - and boy did I need it! I went to visit my friend Anja on friday - they had some things to organize and do some shopping to do that they couldn't take their kids along to (a set of swings for their garden - a surprise and big enough to need the whole car). So I took my two kids to their apartment and together with Anjas three little daughters I had five kids to watch. Lea is almost seven, but the rest are all 4 and under...

I actually managed to get some sewing done. I don't have a sewing machine, so I either have to sew my dolls by hand (a pain in the butt - especially when it comes to doll clothing) or sew at her place. I have to say that I think I used the time pretty well. The kids where not too bad, just very loud - my head hurt badly when I came home...

Anyway, what has all that to do with dolls, you may ask? well, I had four girls there to ask about dolls - two of them old enough to actually have an opinion about dolls, and they where begging me to make them dolls like this :-)

This little princess is 12" tall (30cm), has 4 different kinds of yarn in her hair and bright blue eyes. Her dress took a long time to make, thats why she costs a bit more than the other dolls her size...

Also new in my shop today - a pink little bunting baby and a friendly 12" boy. you can go see them in my etsy shop!

And just in case you where wondering - yes, Anjas girls will get dolls like that. For Christmas :-D Please don't tell them :-)

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  1. She's gorgeous!

    And I promise not to tell. ;)