Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday Makers: Art of Felt

Today I have the pleasure to introduce you to the lovely Daria of "Art of felting" who shares with us some wonderfully inspiring stories! Enjoy! And if you want to be featured here, please click HERE and read the post - it's easy!

Hello and welcome to my Monday Makers Series! Can you tell me a little bit about you?
Hello there,
my name is Daria and I am a mother to three adorable girls ages 2,4 and 6. The eldest, Shulamith, goes to a Waldorf school and the four year, Abigail, old goes to a Waldorf kindergarten. Jael, spends her day with me at home.
I was born in Belarus, and when I finished school I decided to study biology. as I graduated, I got a research job at a lab, but somehow felt it wasn't what I was meant to do. However I found that those years where well spent, as I use the knowledge I acquired in my studies everyday when making felted animals. I recommend for any artist who wants his or her art to appear lifelike to study the anatomy of those creatures, as the understanding shows through your work.

How did you start creating your beautiful felted works of art?
Art was always a big part of my life, even in my years at the lab, if I wasn't painting I was sculpting or working with clay to express my self in different artistic mediums.
I was introduced to the world of felting through the Waldorf community. The kindergarten did not allow store bought toys so I made her one, then another one. Next thing you know I was making all her friends toys too. Little by little it became not only a hobby, but also a business.

Where can I buy your creations?

Can you tell us a little bit more about your art?
I have two main themes in my work.
One is making of the felted animals which i love, and the other the Waldorf sculptures and tapestries. It all began in a hot Russian summer at my grandfathers home, It was the first time I had returned there after many many years and the strongest impression I had was that the garden of my childhood was gone. My memory did not resemble at the least what I saw in front of me. Not only did the garden appear much smaller, the colors where different. Even the air was not the right density, it felt as if i was standing in two worlds, the one in my memory and the one in reality. It was a parallel universe, a different continent. It felt like it was a low budget film trying, unsuccessfully to shoot a scene of my childhoods memory.
This got me thinking. My children are seeing different colors, smelling different smells then I had smelled as a child. I looked at the games they where given as presents. Regular games that can be bought at any store. Educational. Plastic. Instructive, Trying to set the children on their way of becoming whoever it was they where supposed to become, robbing them of their present, rushing them into the menacing future.
I literally felt the creeping of goosebumps all over me. I saw then the beauty in the whole Waldorf idea. The soft colors, the calm radiating from these toys. Those toys where like a good book, taking you hand in hand halfway through the world of imagination, instructing you to use your mind, and take the rest of the trip by yourself filling in the blanks, the back story. The faces.
I was hooked. That day was a turning point for me, and ever since I am part of the Waldorf world.

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