Monday, 17 January 2011

Monday Makers: Looking for people to feature!

Hello there,
in the past I have done a couple of features for some etsy teammates. I loved doing them and would like to do this as a regular thing. Now I'm looking for some people to feature on my Monday Makers Feature.

Who can get featured? 
  • Almost anyone. 
  • I want to focus on Children right now, so toymakers, dressmakers and all childrelated crafters/bloggers are on the top on my list
  • This blog is family friendly, so nothing too adult - but if you're selling or trying so sell something, you could be here.
  • Even if you don't sell anything - do you have a blog and something to say? 
  • Are you a hobby crafter, a great scrapbooker - do you have a cause you're promoting? 
Just let me know about it in a comment on this post, give me an e-mail adress that I can use to contact you and I'll get back to you. I reserve the right not to feature you if your product is in direct competition to mine and a lot cheaper - I don't mind featuring your waldorf dolls if they are in the same price range as mine.

Hope to hear from you!

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