Sunday, 16 January 2011

Scary! Someone klimbed into my mothers apartment!

My mom had a huge scare this morning! She just called me tonight - no idea why she didn't call earlier...
My mom lives in an old peoples home even though she still works - she said she wanted to move there when it's still her decicion.
She got up at 6am this morning because she couldn't sleep anymore, so she opened her bedroom window to let in some fresh air and went into the living room to play on her computer.
When she got tired again an hour or so later and she wanted to go back to bed - but she noticed something in the corner of her bedroom that wasn't supposed to be there - and then she noticed that it was a human that was hiding! In her fracking Bedroom! She went back to her livingroom, pressed her emergency button and started shrieking.

The guy got really scared, looked into her livingroom, saw my mom there and ran off - back the way he came, through the window. My mom ran off and locked the door - she wanted a nice, solid door between herself and that guy.
The police isn't even investigating - nothing was taken and the guy vanished - he only left a footprint on the windowsil...

As far as I can tell over the phone, my mom seems to be doing all right - she's now trying toget a second floor appartment in the same building.

send some nice thoughts her way, please? If you leave a comment here, I will send them to her. Her name is Barbara.

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