Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Scrapbook: Moments in time I want to preserve

Every sunday I will try to talk about those little family moments, traditions or stories that I want to remember - just like a scrapbook! This week I looked out of the window and noticed that there's something I really miss...


  Hello there,
We had the weirdest weather this winter so far. It got really cold at the end of november and we had tons of snow in december - right up until the 23rd  when it got warm, started raining and on christmas eve, nothing was left but a couple of grey heaps of slush and a lot of little pebbles.

And now... Its the middle of january and we had 15°C yesterday. As much as I like being able to go out in a sweater instead of a coat, this also means I don't get to do or see any of this:

Catch snowflakes with my tounge and tell my kids to try to do the same
I love the taste of snow! I know there shouldn't be any taste to snow - after all, it's just water! - but there totally is! Same with icicles: If you are lucky enough to find a place where clean icicles form (I would definately not recommend eating the stuff that grows on the bottom of you car... *Uagh*), just lick an icicle to get taken back to your childhood...

Make snowangels
I don't know why I always do that - every time I make a snow angel, my jacket, sweater and shirt ride up far enough to to let a strip of naked skin hit the snow! It is soooo cold! But I still enjoy making them - and taking snow out of the back of your pants isn't all that bad if you know you'll be home soon and you have a dry pair of pants to look forward to!

See Vienna all clean and pretty
I know that most people hate snow in the city because of the way it looks after a couple of days, all grey and slushy - but I love the way the city looks when the snow is really fresh and white.

Make fake animal footprints in the snow with my son
so far I can fake birdprints with a twig, dog prints with my fingers, human baby footprints with my fist and traktor tracks with my feet. Do you have any more ideas?

Make a miniture snowman on our balcony
I love making an army of mini snowmen on our balcony - we give them colorful scarves and hats and they get spoons and forks - and when my son and husband make them, little painted sticks as lightsabers to fight each other...

Go tobbogganing
Living in Austria and not being able to downhill ski is something very, bery rare and almost frowned upon - I think it counts as a bit of a disability... Well, I don't ski. I've never learned it (not growing up in Austria may have played its part in that). My husband didn't go skiing in a very long time. But we love tobbogganing! And pulling the kids on their sleigh! Last year, my husband got to take Dorian on their Ski trip from work - and they took the sleigh and went down one of the coolestsledding hills I know - it takes about twenty minutes to go all the way down and you get to go up on the skilift, too!

Come home from playing in the snow
When we are all frozen and wet,we go home to a warm bath and a hot cup of cocoa - and then we all huddle together on the couch. Sometimes we watch a movie, sometimes we read books - that just depends on our mood.

What do you like or dislike about snow? Is there ritual for coming home in you family? I am going to try to make this blog more interactive this year - I would love to hear from you!

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  1. What a great post. We have to drive a few hours away to find snow but love it. Warm baths, cocoa and snuggling in front of a movie are usually how we also end a snow day.