Monday, 10 January 2011

What will YOU do to increase the peace? A Question and a give-away...

Hey everyone,
I have a question for you all. Dreaming Monet has posted a heart breaking/heart warming post today on her Blog. She challenges us to do a little thing to increase the peace on this planet - in your country, your city or maybe even just in your family. She also has a 50$ give away to her store :-)
So, here is what I want to do:
I want to make a quilt for a blind person. I have this Idea that I could use fabrics with different textures instead of colours to make it a thing of beauty.
I want to use knitted squares, fuzzy fabric, raicoat fabric, organza, fake fur - all the weird and fantastic stuff I  love to buy and never really have any use for.
I want someone else to enjoy it - but I don't know many blind people...
And this is where I need YOUR help - do you know someone who would enjoy a quilt like that?
There are two things that I ask of you, though - leave a comment at this post and tell me what you will do to increase the peace and friendship on this planet. The winner will also be asked to help with the shipping charges, if its at all possible for them.

So, read the original post,  think of something to do, post your comment and tell me about someone who deserves a quilt like that. The person does not have to be completely blind - if you can think of someone else who should have it, tell me so!


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