Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday Makers: QuietudeQuilts

 Time for another feature! Today Kelsey from QuietudeQuilts talks about her work andtells us some behind the scenes stories!


Vee: Hello there! Its great that you found the time for this interview! Can you tell me a bit about you?
My husband Jonathan makes all the beautiful doll furniture for Quietude Quilts, and I (Kelsey) create all the doll quilts and other sewn items. We both work full time Boston, Jonathan is a structural engineer, and I teach and work at a college, and sewing and woodworking are favorite hobbies. After we got married two years ago and I first had a living room that was all my own and not shared with roommates, I started quilting right away. The first year I made several large quilts for gifts for family members and friends, and last January we started Quietude Quilts, which developed into primarily a doll bedding accessory shop within our first few months.

Your Doll Quilts are very cool, how did you get into that?
I was always drawn to quilts while growing up because both of my grandmothers were quilters, and one even did all her patchwork by hand. I machine piece and quilt, but do enjoy the handwork of stitching the binding edges of my quilts. I made a couple doll quilts for the fun of finishing a smaller project, then discovered how much moms and their daughters (and sons!) love cute bedding for their dolls. My husband’s aunt first commissioned him to make a doll bed for his cousin, and we’ve made and mailed hundreds of doll beds since, all across the United States and Canada, and even as far as Hong Kong. We’ve also really enjoyed entering the market of newborn photography props and love the beautiful photos we receive back from professional photographers (some of which can be seen on our facebook page).

This is great - where can I find your beautiful work?
here is our etsy shop:
you can follow us on facebook:

What does your day look like?
We both work full time, so our craft time is in the evenings and weekends. After work I complete and package anything ordered the previous day, then work on new doll bedding sets and with new fabric. I quilt many doll quilts at once in a very full day every few weeks, so I’m daily I’m usually making ruffle pillow shams, throw pillows, and pillow inserts to accompany the quilts, hand binding doll quilts, or designing new bedding accessories. We accept custom orders as well which often inspire new items for our shop. Jonathan spends a few hours several times a week crafting doll beds and making custom photographer prop beds. On Thursdays we package up each week’s doll beds for mailing on Fridays. I love sewing every day and get restless if I don’t have a chance to!

Do you have any tips for other artisans/crafters?
We’ve learned so much from our customers, so be sure to really pay attention to what your target customers like and are looking for. We didn’t anticipate or plan that Quietude Quilts would become a doll shop but really followed our customers and our talents and capabilities, and are so happily surprised with the results and love the many friends we’ve made in our first year. Thank you so much, everyone, for your support!

Do you want to offer a promo code/give away something to the blog readers?
Your readers can enjoy coupon code VEELANA0211 for 10% off their first purchase of quilts or bedding at Beds are excluded and the coupon expires 2/28/11. Thank you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all these questions! If you need a doll to sleep under those fantastic quilts, take a look at my store, I'm sure you'll find something!

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