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Sunday Scrapbook: Moments in time I want to preserve: Disney world 2010, part 2

Hello there,
here is the second part of our vacation, where we moved to our Disney hotel and the total Disney immersion begins...
You can go back and read the first part here Sunday Scrapbook: Moments in time I want to preserve: Disney world 2010 part 1

Nov. 27th: Jedi training
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after a last breakfast at our old hotel very early in the morning, we went to the POP century hotel to get our "key to the world" cards. We got a room all the way in the back of the 80s building, which is a good 10 minutes walk from the entrance, food court and bus station. And we really didn't want to walk that much with tired children in the evening...
Not that I mind walking - we did a lot of walking! We just didn't want to do this on top of everything. The hotel staff was very nice  about it and promised us a better room the next day, when the thanksgiving crowd left - and they would even take care of our luggage.
So, after checking in and taking our key cards we used the shuttle bus to the Hollywood Studios. We had originally planned to just walk around and take in the sights, since this was going to be a day with a high crowd level. We really didn't expect it, but there were still spots available in the Jedi training academy! Of course Dorian wanted to go. we got a spot for later that morning and went on to do some other things that weren't too crowded. The kids loved the clubhouse Disney show and we spent our first dining credit on a sandwich, chips, muffin and bottled water deal which kept us fed for the next part of the day. We realized that eating all the food we'd get would be a big challenge...

Dorian got very intense about the Jedi training. He got scared at first ("mom, I don't want to, I don't think I can beat Darth Vader") and then he had to go to the bathroom (again!) because he got so excited - and he did so well! He fought Darth Maul and actually poked him in the foot...

We had planned to go back to the hotel for a late nap, but since the kids were still really happy, we decided against it and instead watched the BlockPartyBash parade (kind of an idealized love parade), did the lights and sounds movie tour, saw Kermit and Miss Piggy in 3D and stayed long enough to watch the Osborne Family Lights dance. I was absolutely overwhelmed! There was even fake snow - at a temperature of 25°C...

Needless to say that we fell asleep as soon as we hit our pillows.

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Nov. 28th: M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E
We actually managed to be in front of the Magic Kingdom for the opening ceremony - we saw Mickey and his friends  arrive with the Train, all the dancing and the kids loved it! (We did, too :-)) While I enjoyed the rides Dorian is still too short for (most of them, actually - he's just short of the 40" that are necessary) and got wet on Splash mountain, Chris went to the country bear jamboree with the kids. They started their pin trading adventure and Dorian initiated his first English conversation with a staff member  ("where is woody? Where is Jesse?") we finally got to meet some characters (Mary Poppins was really good - She even had a British accent!) and went back to the hotel in the late afternoon - just in time to test the swimming pool before bedtime.

We made a big mistake that day - we buckled when the kids wanted to get a lollipop. We never buy them stuff like that - but since we were on vacation and it was included in the meal plan we figured it would probably be OK. NO. They ended up fighting over that  fragging thing, Lilith ate about a third of it by chewing it off, she put the lolly in my hair whenever she sat on my shoulders and drizzled red food coloring, sugar and spit on herself and me. And she wasn't allowed to hug winnie the poo. Well, she could have hugged him, but she would have needed to give the sugary treat to someone else (that thing simply wasn't allowed anywhere near a characters clothing) and she was not willing to do that.
I had to wash about an inch of sugar from my hair after that...

Interlude: A word about dining credits
since we went to WDW during the off season, we got a nice deal at the hotel - they gave us the quick service dining plan for free! We had no idea if this would be a lot of food or very little, but we found out as soon as we bought the first meal that it would be near impossible to eat all of it. The quick service dining plan entitled us to two meals (main course, drink and dessert) and two snacks per person over the age of three.   So we had to eat six meal credits and six snacks every day. We managed about half of that. (but we brought our own bottled water)

Nov. 29th: A day off
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Chris got up really early to hit the parks alone - Dorian had a pretty bad cough and I wanted us to take a day off. So I stayed at the hotel, walking around, checking out the shop and generally lazing around. The kids loved the change of pace and Chris got to go on all the wild rides - he did three of the four parks in one day.

Once the kids where asleep, we switched places. My husband stayed with the kids and I want to the magic Kingdom. So much fun! I did space mountain and Buzz lightyear and I had dinner without anyone stealing my fries! The veggie burger in tomorrowland is excellent! Can you tell that I haven't had a night out in a while?

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Nov. 30th: Epcot
I didn't think that Epcot had that much to offer for little kids , but I didn't account for the Innovations! exhibits. The kids loved it there - and I got the chance to do Soarin', test track and Mission Space while Chris waited in line to meet Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Goofy and Minnie. We did the little boat tour together and saw some amazing hydroponic plants and a couple of hidden Mickeys. I got the kids back just in time for dinner - and we all watched "glee" cuddling in our hotel bed.
The kids were doing so well so far, we really didn't want to push them too hard.  It was good to have so much time - we saw WDW at our own pace and we had no pressure. Resting days where so important - and going home early wasn't a problem either.

Thank you so much for coming here! The next part will be up next sunday - hopefully :-)

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