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Sunday Scrapbook: Moments in time I want to preserve: Disney world 2010, part 4

This is it! the last part of our WDW vacation 2010 - and I'm so glad I finally took the time to write it all down! You can go and read the first three parts here:
Part 1 part 2 part 3 have fun reading this!

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Dec. 5th: Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!
We had the most delicious breakfast at Wolfgang Puck Express and spent the morning in Downtown Disney. We did some shopping, the kids wanted to go to Disney Quest one more time and we played our favourite video games.
We went back for a mid afternoon nap (most of us - chris went to the parks again), and when we wanted to go out for the night again, something really cool happened.
Our hotel had this gigantic Christmas tree in the lobby. Every evening one kid got to light the tree with a magic wand - and today Dorian was picked! (that only works if you define "picked" as: "mom went there early to ask them if they could pick him and got on the hotel staffs nerves until they did")
Dorian got very, very nervous. He told me that he didn't know if he could do it...
He did very well! We yelled "Bibbity-bobbity-boo" as he was told and the lights went on. Very cool!
We ended up not going out anymore, just played at the arcade for a bit.

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Dec. 6th: Pizza Planet, here we come! 
Dorian really wanted to do the Jedi training again before we left Disney World, so we headed to the Disney Studios. We got in an hour early  because they had the extra magic hour that day and I headed right to the Jedi training area with Dorian, while Chris and Lilith got us fast passes for the Midway Mania (Toy Story) ride. We just had time to see clubhouse Disney again and I tried to get onto the rock n roller coaster but it was closed. Dorian did  a great job with the Jedi training! To celebrate, we went to Pizza Planet for lunch and I finally got some salads! I love having a salad with my meals, I had Idea how much I missed it!
We went back to the hotel for a nap and headed back out in the evening - and while everyone was sleeping I had a quick dip at blizzard beach. Sliding is soooo much fun!
The magic kingdom was next on our list and we got to see space mountain with the lights on, I think they had to fix something - very cool! and we saw "Wishes" again which was just as awesome as last time.

Interlude: Strollers
Just in case anyone is wondering why there is no stroller in any of our pictures - we didn't have one. We did originally plan to buy a cheap stroller for our vacation, but we didn't find what we where looking for right away and did our first day in the Hollywood Studios without one and it worked great! Our kids are used to riding on mom and dads shoulders and we never had to deal with stroller parking.
I have to say that I never once missed the stroller, but there where plenty of times where I was really happy that I didn't have to deal with one, especially when we were in a crowd...

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Dec. 7th: We need a break! 
After having a late night, we just stayed in bed for a while. Chris went out early in the morning and we planned to meet up for lunch at Wolfgang Puck express again. The food was delicious and Dorian got to go to Disney Quest with his dad one last time. I had time to pack in the afternoon when I was back at the hotel with Lilith and  I had plans to head out right after glee again that night for one last shopping trip.
Chris brought Dorian back to the hotel and headed out again to Epcot. I planned to put the kids to bed before glee started, but it didn't work that way - Dorian was asleep after his head hit the pillow, but Lilith refused to cooperate. We ended up watching "glee" together - and she fell asleep about three seconds after the episode was over...
I used the rest of our snack credits to buy candy at Goofy's candy shoppe and had dinner at "Earl of sandwich" - and the best ice tea lemonade EVER...

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Dec. 8th: going home  
We spent the last day of our vacation in the magic Kingdom, doing all of our favourite rides one last time (or three times in the case of Dorian and the Peter Pan ride) and went on a ridiculous spending spree at the main street bakery with our last meal credits. We got three pastries for each credit and I think we had about 12 or 15 credits left - yes, we had a whole suitcase full of food on our way home. The cinnamon buns are sooooo awesome...
Dorian ate a whole ice cream sandwich - two gigantic freshly baked cookies with about two inch of vanilla ice cream in between - and I think he only got hungry after we were back home about a day later...
Our flight back to Frankfurt was uneventful but cramped - they where looking for volunteers that would take the plane on the next day. We volunteered (800$ cash per ticket, a nice hotel room and an additional day of vacation are pretty strong pro arguments), but we ended up on that flight anyway...
We couldn't get onto our plane in Frankfurt as we planned becausebecause they were backed up for days.
Going home by train had its advantages - the airline transported our bags :-)

That's it! There will be an epilogue post next week with some stuff I forgot to mention or that just didn't fit anywhere, but you made it to the end ouf our vacation! Thank you so much for reading all of this - the last couple of days were pretty hard to do, I waited a tad too long...

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