Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I see you - Oe-l nga-ti kam‹ei›e

Did you like James Cameron's "Avatar"? I sure did - what really stuck with me where the gorgeous colors in the forest at night. At the time I didn't know what to do with it - I was inspired, sure, but I had no idea what to make. When I saw the blue doll skin fabric I immediately knew what I wanted to do.

So, here he is. It took me a long time to finish this one - I actually started him when I made my second bunch of dolls for sale - but I somehow never had the nerve to actually paint his face and body with the blue color. I was so scared I'd ruin all of my work...
Well, I finally did it, and finished his hair and clothing too (the breading and beading was a lot of work - the beads just barely got on the little braids...), so now you get to see him.

My son loves him, too. But that's not really much of a surprise, he loves all my dolls and wants his picture taken with them :-)

Nerdy greetings from cold but sunny Vienna,

PS. I will, from now on, refrain from using my kids real names on my blog. I don't mind doing it and I don't really see any danger involved - but my husband pointed out that using their names makes them easier to find on google, and that they might not appreciate all the little stories I tell about them once they are older and easily embarrassed :-D

I have yet to find cool pseudonyms - I'll just use son and daughter for now. Do you have any cool ideas?


  1. Love your Avatar doll! Love the movie too!
    I have a daughter and just say "my little one" and "my girlie".

  2. I have a second blog about personal family stuff, and everyone in the family chose a name they wanted me to use instead of their own.

  3. i love this one!! It turned out so neat!!