Tuesday, 15 March 2011

15 day "five a day" challenge, day five

I've been extremely bad with blogging regularly for a couple of weeks now, so in a desperate attempt to change that, I decided to jump on the 15-DAY 5 CHALLENGE - Bandwagon. I ran across this HERE. My goal is to post something every day - it's going to be a post like this unless I post something else.  Enjoy!

5 basic facts about you

5 not-so-basic facts about you

5 ways you break the ice

5 signs that you’re into someone

5 signs that you’re NOT into someone
5 things you do when you’re bored

5 things that make you hyper

5 things you’re known for

5 things you want to do

5 things you’ll never do

5 good things about you

5 bad things about you

5 ways to make you cry

5 ways to win your heart

5 things you need to say

Last time  I interpreted "into someone" to include people I'd like to have as friends, not just sexual partners. Same goes for this post.

I stop talking to you
If I have to talk to you, I keep things short
I start talking really slowly - if I treat you like you're stupid, RUN!
I don't invite you over anymore
I tell you so

Thats that from me right now - feel free to do the challenge yourself! If you do, drop me a link, please, I will link you up. This should be a fun way to get to know eachother!


PS: I added a really cool new doll to my store - my kids think she's the coolest ever! Her hair is soooo soft!

PPS: Still looking for more people to feature on mondays!

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