Friday, 11 November 2011

Reader Question: handmade for boys?

quirkytreerose raised an interesting question in the gals and dolls forum:
Seen any blogs or lists of handmade BOY things?

I can think of dozens of things for girls, even up to age 10 or so.

But, now that 2 of my boys have reached the age where the little legos are the coolest thing out there...
I can't think of much anything to make gor them.
All the tutorials & lists I've seen, like on babble , are full of girly stuff 
  Yes, There is sooooo much you can get - I just did a search on etsy and made this treasury especially for you!

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  1. Some great ideas for boys! I really like the Lego soaps! :) I did a lot of crafts with my nieces when they were little, but I hadn’t thought about what types of crafts I would have done and/or done for them if they’d been nephews!