Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Top Tip Tuesday Toys for Boys

Boys, huh? what should we give or make for them for the holidays? What to tell friends and family when they ask you and you don't want to end up with boxes full of shiny and new plastic toys that nobody ever plays with? I love the handmade suggestions I posted last week, but here are some more ideas, especially for a smaller budget

We love adding to toys that our kids already have - it keeps the toys fresh and interesting.
  • Lego - there's still room in our lego box and Mr. Noodles gets better at building and constructing with it all the time
  • wooden train set - you can always use mor tracks or bridges!
  • Star Wars figures - it might be something different for your kid, but Mr. Noodles loves Star Wars and every new figure goes into the collection and gets played with. You know what your kid is a fan of - Dinosaurs, cowboys and indians, superheros or soldiers...
I don't place restrictions on these things (friends and family can gift this)
  • Books (age apropriate and hopefully interesting) in english and german
  • Puzzles
  • Boardgames (people need to check with us first to see if we have something already)
  • Art and Craft Materials

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