Friday, 1 October 2010

Feature Friday: thepixelprince

Wow, its october already! And friday - so its time for another feature!

Featured Artisan today:

Who are you?
We are a married couple (going on three years! whoo!) who started our Etsy shop back in October 2009. "Kenny is a self taught artist with formal training in Computer Science while Rene holds the title of Accountant, Organizer, Fact checker, Craft extraordinaire, Auditor"(it's not plagiarism if I steal from myself!). We both hold Bachelors degree, but anticipate obtaining our Masters. (Rene: Masters of Taxation /Kenny: Computer Security.) Right now we maintain our day jobs in sales, but hopefully one of us will be able to commit 125% to Etsy within the year.

Do you have a blog I can follow?
Sure, its here: Our Blog:

What is it you make?
We started with posters & postcards, and recently added 1 ½ inches pin-back buttons.

How Did you get started on Etsy?
Not sure. A co-worker introduced us to Etsy. We never heard about the website so we did a little investigation. What was Etsy and how did it work? We signed up for the site in October 2009; however it was a little more than a month before our first listing, then another month before our first sale. Since that time we’ve never looked back!

What does a typical day in your life look like?
7am: Wake up. Rene goes for a run. Kenny checks & replies to emails
8am: Rene returns and breakfast is made
9am: The next couple of hours are spent creating, printing, & wrapping.
Noon: Post Office. Orders are shipped three times a week (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday). One of us braves that dreadful long line! Most of the time we print shipping labels from PayPal. However, our international orders dictate we visit the post office
1pm to 3pm: Thrift Stores Adventures. We love a good deal, so we visit thrift stores not really looking for anything, but hoping to find treasures.
4pm to: Kenny spends countless hours marketing the blog and our shop; surfing websites, searching Google analytics to come up with the prime searchable title for each listing. He also spends time in chat rooms and Etsy Forums.
730pm: Jeopardy (oh how we love Jeopardy)
8pm: Dateline. News. or a movie then off to bed. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us!


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  1. Great feature. I love that they shared their schedule.
    Can't wait to go check out the shop.