Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Its here! Its here! My wool stuffing has arrived!

After some Brainstorming on Facebook I found out that a lot of people find my fiber fill stuffing a big turn off. So I ordered 2 kilos of wool stuffing at an extremely nice german place - I will order there again just to talk to the nice girl on the other end. If you've ever been to germany, you know that friendly service isn't really a given :-(
So, I ordered some wool and I got it very quickly and its sooo beautiful! I now get it why you all want your dolls stuffed with wool!
I still think that fiber fill has its good points and I will continue to stuff some dolls with it, but its hard to get passionate about it. I'm totally in love with the wooly stuff now <3
I have already started making some dolls with it and it feels so much nicer! And then there's the smell of the thing - clean and nice and a little bit wooly. It came in a giant box and rolled up...
I could go on raving about it, but that would probably be unnecessary - you know how great the stuff is, and now I do, too.
The wool stuffing is not the only thing that is new. I also ordered new fabric recently and I have gotten very good at cutting it. The quality is nicer and there are more colors to choose from - and I can now get two dolls from a 25cm piece (although  the 25cm I ordered are probably closer to 30cm...)
My daughter loves the stuff, too. She takes a piece and blows it all through our apartment - very good practice for speech developement, I'm told :-)

Keep crafting,


  1. This sounds great Vee! And this should (hopefully) be a great boost to those who would prefer natural fill.

    I also love that your daughter uses it to blow around the apartment. It is great for speech! My son was told to blow around a cotton ball with a straw.

  2. Ooo, that looks like fun to play with. I could see why natural fill may be preferred. I always try to look for things with cotton fill, wool would be great too.
    Cannot wait to see your new creations.

  3. How cool. Vee, your dolls are so beautiful!!!!

  4. That new wool looks so fluffy and inviting...I want to play with it too! Bet it makes up just lovely.

  5. That is wonderful news and I am thrilled you can see the difference now!
    Your daughter is adorable and I have found that kids prefer the natural feel that comes from products you can find in nature.
    I am excited for you and cannot wait to see the creations that come from this!