Friday, 1 October 2010

Top ten things to do when your baby won't let you sleep at night

I guess every parent knows those times where you just can't get any sleep because your baby/toddler/kiddo is colicky/teething/sick/in a bad mood. It's 3 am., you're up, the kid cries on your shoulder and maybe goes to sleep there - but will wake up as soon as you let go. You know you're not going to get any sleep anyway - and here are my 10 favourite ways to use this time more productively, or at least to make the night go by faster...

Dorian, age 8 months
  1. Read a book! you can do that while walking around in your living room with a baby on your shoulder - and when was the last time you actuallyfinished a book?
  2. Watch your favourite reality TV show - both my kids love Survivor and will cuddle up on the couch with me when I turn it on
  3. Re-watch your favourite TV shows. I find that some explosions are fine (If it's not turned up too loud), but even "castle" is too scary. Current faves: burn notice, big bang theory, how I met your mother
  4. chat with someone in a different timezone
  5. I blog - I'm pretty good at typing with one hand now...
  6. Catch up on all the blogs you've subscribed to
  7. start researching something. I started diving into the whole world of busines topics
  8. look at cute stoff on etsy
  9. Take a walk! If you feel safe in your neighbourhood at night, put your baby in a sling or a sroller and get that exercise you're not getting during the day
  10. play those silly facebook games
So, what do you do? If all the comments together give me 10 new ideas, I'll post them here!

Keep your head up,


  1. I turn on music and stare at the ceiling but think I'll try one of your suggestions next time. Oh, start a load of laundry (especially if your awaken by a child who has had an "accident").

  2. Thanks for the ideas! I hope that doesn't happen too much. :p