Monday, 27 September 2010

What kind of doll do you want?

'ello there,
I had a bit of a low point earlier this week because now I have 9 dolls listed in my store and others seem to have trouble filling their customs because they have so much to do. So, to make myself feel better, I composed a treasury of Waldorf dolls on etsy. There are so many cute ones! please go there and leave  them some love, yes?
I know I'm not supposed to put myself into my own treasuries, I just couldn't resist - and also, I had trouble finding 16 sellers that are in the same price range.
So, what did I learn from this? Actually, quite a lot.
  • There are not that many sellers on etsy that do waldorf style dolls and have any listings. (I know there are some more that always have empty shops because every doll gets sold right away)
  • The girls are awesomly nice - especially Kylie from HippieHouseDolls who's doll actually sold right after it went into my treasury
  • My dolls are in a good price range
  • There is a facebook group for waldorf  style doll lovers! Thank you, Kylie!
Veelana Doll
 I have been wondering what was wrong with my dolls because I didn't sell anything. And then it hit me - why not ask people  that know and love and BUY! Waldorf dolls directly? They Girls over at Gals and Dolls certainly do all of the above, so I decided to start there. And  I found a community that welcomed me, liked my facebook posts and gave my nice but constructive criticism.

  1. The painted faces got mixed reviews - some love them, some like the stitched on variety better
  2. The fiber fill seems to be a bad idea - all of the girls said that it would turn them off and that they much rather buy one with wool stuffing
  3. My dolls clothing seems to be well received
  4. My hair (that I'm quite proud of, actually!) was thought to be too simple - most girls seem to prefer funkier hair.
Bamboletta Doll
So, here's the big question - what am I going to do about it?
  1. The painted faces stay. I love them, they make my dolls unique and I like doing them.
  2. I will order a pack of sheeps wool to make a bunch of wool stuffed dolls just to see how that goes
  3. Yay! The work pays off!
  4. I will make some dolls with funky hair - something for every taste, right?
So, what do you think? Is there anything that I missed? Are there any other reasons why my dolls don't sell? What would the ideal doll look like?

Keep blogging,


  1. I like dolls with wide eyes, and simple hair! When I was a little girl I SO SO SO much wanted a rag doll with long yarn hair that I could braid a little smile and no hard parts. One I could actually play with, and hug on instead of the plasticy store dolls.

    Never did have one. A rag doll, I mean. Kinda weird, now that I think about it.

    I would snug the heck out of one of your dolls, V! But I have to admit, the line over the eyes on some of the faces makes them look sort of sarcastic or unimpressed. Stylized faces are very sensitive to such things!

  2. I think you keeping your own style is the main thing. That is what draws people to certain dolls and everyone has likes and dislikes and you could not possible please everyone.

    I like the fact that you will start to stuff them with wool. The other stuff was a bit of a turn off. I am wondering with your price would you think about including an extra outfit until your creations bring more sales? The overseas folks have to be enticed in paying for your higher price and the shipping that will be on top of that which some might feel high too but you could mention with the shipping to international buyers that is comes with tracking if that is the case for the price of shipping.

    Also mention if the dolls hair can be styled or not. People would want to know that.

    I think your dolls are sweet and true waldorf doll fans like the fact each doll maker has their stamp of creation.