Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I admit, I'm a total Nerd (yes, with a capital N)

Project B Designs posted a very interesting and extremely nerdy question on her Blog:
What do you like better, Star Trek or Star Wars? 

Now, to most of you this will probably be a complete irrelevant question, but if you're a fan of either (and lets face it, most nerds are), you probably have taken part in one of the epic discussions about this topic. Fact is, Star Trek and Star Wars don't really mix too well, and neither do the fans. At least, that's what everyone says...
I actually met my husband on a convention for SciFi Fans and on the first evening we got into a heated discussion about who would win a space battle between the federation and the empire. This was fifteen years ago and I used to be a die hard Trekkie, but I converted in the years that followed. I still like Star Trek though - the original series over next generation but Picard over Kirk - But Star Wars is the wayy cooler Universe :-)
That said, neither is my current nerdy favourite. That would be Babylon 5 :-) JMS rules!
...and I have yet to find a TV show that comes close to my all time favourite, Robert A Heinlein. And no, Starshiptroopers was not a good movie. Avbatar was - and Star Trek reloaded was great!


  1. Very difficult question!
    I like the latest Star Trek Movie with the young crew and I am a fan of Data. But I like Star Wars too but not the new prequel films.
    Well, I think it is even. I pick out the parts I like of both stories!

  2. I loved Avatar! The whole concept of 'another species with its own rules' makes me wonder what's out there that we don't know about.