Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Let's talk about obstacles...

I don't know about you, but when I think about obstacles or challenges on the road of becoming a small business owner, I think of stuff like "what do I need to get a licence" and "should I pay for advertising? how much?" right away. But these are small problems that usually have either a set answer that I can look up, research it further or push the decision to a later date (that is the case for the advertising business for me...)

But stuff like that has been written about many times by people who know much more about the solution than I do. And none of those things is a really big challenge! For me, the worst thing I have to deal with is an ongoing problem that I have to battle day after day after day. Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? No? let me give you a hint: I was not born organized.

Here is the "before" mess
On the contrary - I'm a rather unorganized and messy person. And I have two small kids and a very disorganized husband, too - so it's a lot of work for me to keep some semblance of order in our apartment. And of course that doesn't really help when you're creating things...

But, you know, I'm working on it :-)

And these are the boxes I now use.
What helped me more than anything was getting a couple of colored plastic boxes to keep my things in - one for the finished dolls, one for yarn, one for fabric, one for my stash of fiber fill, one for unfinished dolls, one for organisational things (stamps, envelopes, knitting needles, bills...) - and inside these boxes are smaller boxes to hold my ribbons, thread, finished doll clothing and things like that. I also have a ring binder and clear envelopes to hold my finished window stars. I'm still struggling - but at least I got a place for everything now, and the stacked boxes look a lot better :-)

Do you have great organizational skills? Are you born organised or do you struggle? And do you have any great ideas or some tips for me? I'd love your input! Also, You can sign up for my newsletter now - once I have a couple of subscribers, I will start by sending out my very first edition (the first German one went out yesterday... *pokes sidebar*

keep creating

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