Friday, 24 September 2010

Feature Friday - Ellie Lash

Hello again, its time for another Feature Friday - and this time its an artist that I've liked for a long time - before I ever heard of etsy...

Featured Artist today:
Ellie Lash

My name is Ellie Lash.  I'm a SAHM from Arizona.  I have a super amazing husband and twin boys that are just about to turn 4.  I've been designing digital scrapbook supplies for a little over three years now.

What is it you're making and how did you get into it?
I create digital scrapbook supplies.  I learned about digital scrap booking back in 2007 ~ at the time I was creating siggy tags and skinning forums for fun.  When I discovered it, it was like falling in love at first sight, I wondered where it had been all my life!  LOL  After a month or two of scrapping I thought to myself, "I wonder if I could make these things myself?"  I took a class by Jen Maceyunas that helped me become familiar with the world of digiscrap designing and haven't looked back since.

Where can I buy your stuff?
 Sunshine Studio Scraps: 

Can I follow you on facebook? Do you have a Blog?
Sure - please do so! :
My Blog is here:

What does your day look like?
My day is just your average SAHM type of day, probably.  I do housework, go shopping, play with my kids, read when I get the chance.  My boys go to school for just a few hours during the day four days a week, so that is when I work.  I also try to sneak in an hour or two after they're in bed at night.  I try very hard to get on the computer only when they are asleep or gone, so that it doesn't interfere with our family life, which can be a challenge sometimes.  It's hard to be creative and productive with so little time!

Any tips for other artisans/crafters?
Always give your best and remember why you started your craft in the first place ~ because you enjoyed it!  Even when it's work, it should still be fun (at least some of the time)!

Do you want to offer a promo code/give away something to the blog readers?  Sure!  Here's a coupon for 35% off any purchase at my shop: VEELANA35

Thank you for sharing your story with us and for the wonderful coupon!


  1. Yay Ellie!!!!!!!!!!!! Ellie's the best :-)

  2. Ellie is one of the BEST scrapbook artists around. That's saying alot since there are thousands who scrap. You will never be disappointed with an Ellie Lash Designs purchase. Viva Ellie!

    Hugs, Rose

  3. Ellie is #1.... so glad I had found her stuff.