Thursday, 2 September 2010

52 weeks of blogging - want to join me in this challenge?

Hey there,

I decided to take a new aproach to blogging - I have been looking over my blog posts last year and while I have been getting better with the frequency, I'm less than thrilled about the content.

When I go through my past posts, I keep having the feeling that I do this just to tell you whats new in my store. This is not what I want. I want to keep you all updated on my working process, I want to share stories with you and of course I want to tell you about my new products. I decided that I need to learn how to become a better blogger!

I have very recently joined the creative empire, a great new community of fellow crafters/indie shops that want to be more successfull - and one of the "Thank you"s for joining are some amazing freebies, among them Tara Gentile's "52 Weeks of Blogging".

I intend to do the whole program - but I will not limit myself to one post per week, I really want to continue with some of the other things I did. So, do you want to join me? You can either pick up her book, join the creative empire or simply challenge yourself to blog regularly - but let me know so I can come visit your blog and give you some much needed encouragement!

Keep Bloggin'

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