Thursday, 2 September 2010

Mission statement

Okay, so for the first post, Tara asks me to think about what the Mission of my blog is. I have to admit that I struggled with this - but then it came to me:
  • My Blog is about my journey from stay at home mom making things to (hopefully!) successful small buisness owner. Along the way I will share with you stories, tips and tricks and probably all the things that go wrong in this challenge.
I love my dolls and my stars and everything I make would be very welcome to stay in my house (in fact, I have a copy of almost every window star I made up on my windows), and I want to keep it that way. My seams may not be totally strait and I'm still perfecting my processes, but each doll I sell takes a lot of my love with it. What do you think? Is this love reflected in my products? Can you tell - or what do you see instead? I'm very interested in your answers!

Keep your head up,

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