Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Who Else Wants to get started on their holiday list TODAY?

"I'm going to be done early this year with my holiday shopping/crafting" - Is that something you can hear yourself say? But somehow it never works... Then this post is for you! Join me in my quest to get my holiday stuff done early this year.

Hello again - I know I have been a bit lazy with posting lately, but here you go - new week, new post :-)
I have (Again) decided to get my Holiday stuff done soonish this year and not wait for the last minute. And this time I have made a plan! I will post my progress on my blog - just not the individual presents :-)

Waiting for Santa Christmas
Collection Jester Hat
by ohbabydotcom

Step one (do this NOW):
set a deadline.
I will be done with most of my holiday crafting by november  22nd - thats when we leave for our vacation.
Not everything will be done, but most things should be ready. No last minute sock knitting this year, I hope! What will your deadline be? Feel free to share!

make a list of people who will get presents/cards:
I have a paper list here - I will mark everyone who gets something bought, something handmade by me, something small or just a card/letter

Pick the most important people from that list
You know... Mom, Dad, spouse, kids, grandparents, grandkids - just the core group - the people whose presents should take up most of your efford :-) Just put them on top of your list

check your half finished projects
I know you have them, almost everyone does :-) Take a look to see if there is anything that is almost finished and that will make a good gift for someone on your list. How much time do you think it will take to finish this? Do you have the supplies?

Snowflake Mittens Crochet PATTERN
by BellaMcBride

Extra Credit (Do this whenever you have the time)
start adressing your holiday cards/letters
This may seem really early, but I did it this way two years ago, just adressing one or two envelopes whenever I had the time and doing the holiday cards was a breeze that year

Finish one of your "almost finished" Projects from last year (two years ago?)
...or get started, or decide that you're not going to use any of them (that might be a good opportunity to throw them away...)

Design your christmas card!
If you want to make your own christmas cards (and I think you should because it's really easy), start by picking the picture(s) you want to use.

Gingerbread Cottage Playset Printable
Paper Craft by FantasticToys

So what’s next?
next week, we will talk about some more preparations you can get started on as well as some exciting craft ideas for this winter. There's still some time, so this is the time to get started on those slightly bigger projects.
And since that's what I usually struggle with most: Gift ideas for the husband!

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Keep creating,

If you want to get one of my custom dolls early for the holidays, order one now! Tell me you read this Blog post and I will add an extra outfit. They are available with wool stuffing, too!


  1. Great reminder to get started now! :0)
    I make lists every year and write the envelopes for Christmas cards early. It cuts down on time later. I also write a Christmas letter recap of the year(in German and English) that is added to most cards.
    I'm usually so busy with custom orders before Christmas that I have issues making things for family, but I try. :0)

    Have a great day!
    PS: Who won the window star? I could not find anything about that....

  2. Great suggestions! Every year I plan on being more efficient and ready on time and every year I fall behind! Maybe this year will be different!

    Thanks for including my Snowflake Mitten Pattern in such a smart well thought out post!